Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pictures Galore

This post is going to be heavy on pictures. Narrative... eh, not so much. :)

First of all, I want to thank the lovely Jan of Belfonte Notes. I won her most fabulous giveaway during her 2nd blogiversary celebration. It was like Christmas in the mailbox.

Check it out....

Six different patterns from two of my very favorite designers.... Plum Street Samplers and Carriage House Samplings (amazingly I didn't have any of the six... double bonus!!)
Three gorgeous pieces of fabric (Lakeside, PTP, and Weeks... love them all!), a huge bunch of gorgeous threads, a scissor frog (!), a cute notebook, and a beautiful box filled to the brim with buttons, ribbons, a gorgeous needleminder, and a funny stress ball. Jan, you completely made my week!!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to start stitching one of those designs on one of those beautiful pieces of fabric.

Some close-ups...

I've been working on Paradise Lost exclusively when I stitch. I'm determined to have this on my living room wall soon. Here's the latest.

Love this cloud...

Surprised to already find this in my mailbox yesterday. Thanks, Theresa!! :) Ann Grant was a must have from this year's market. Along with the new Blackbird Designs book which I can't wait to get my hands on.

I've been knitting a little bit of everything, but I won't bore you with all of my projects. Just two... LOL!

I finished this scarf last month, but forgot to take pictures. The yarn was a thick/thin yarn, and the pattern was a simple one row repeat. Love it!

I've started Ida's Kitchen hat after chasing down one ball of discontinued Blue Sky Alpaca for a month.... Love this pattern.

New bag to store my knitting on the go from Rose Knits.

Spent the weekend in Springhaven, Mississippi for my husband's home based business. We have been really blessed by this product and this business. My husband has lost 45 pounds, we all have improved our overall health, and the extra income has allowed us to do things and go places that we might not have been able to otherwise. One of the perks that I love is traveling with him when he goes various places to do PBRs (business presentations). This weekend found us in Springhaven, Mississippi. I found a great little yarn store there called Hank of Yarn. Came home with some gorgeous Malabrigo Rios, which I am thinking I will make into a Traveling Woman shawl.

While we were in the area, we went to Graceland. I have wanted to visit here for years, but just never made time to go. I still listen to Elvis occasionally, but I remember my parents listening to his music a lot when I was a child. I was six when he died. And I remember being in the living room with my mom when she heard it on the TV. I remember she watched his funeral, and I remember seeing the long white cadillacs and not really understanding at the time why she was so sad. I am so glad that we went this weekend. It was fun (and a little sad) to see where Elvis lived when he was in Memphis. I have never been, but my parents had. When they went, they had a live tour guide taking them through the house. They have switched to an audio presentation where everyone wears a headset. I liked this. Some of the tour was in Elvis's words, some in Lisa Marie's, some in various other narrators. There was a lot of Elvis's music included that went along with whatever part of the tour you were in at the time. Really enjoyed this day!! Here's some of my favorite scenes....

And this picture post finally comes to an end. I have some yarn to wind on my new yarn winder, compliments of my dad. He made this. Isn't it gorgeous?! Love it! They offered to wind my yarn for me at Hank of Yarn yesterday, but I graciously declined. I wanted that fun for myself! :)

Have a good one!!
P.S. Several people asked in the comments where I had bought the Queen of Unfinished Projects bag. I got that at Archivers in Louisville, KY in December. It is meant to be for scrapbooking, but I use if for knitting and stitching. They had blue like the one I bought, and a bright hot pink one.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Check out this giveaway...

Go see Jan at Belfonte Notes. Wonderful stitcher/designer/blogger and a great giveaway to celebrate her two year blogaversary.