Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Headless Molly....

Is headless no more! :) And a little birdy has landed on the cat's head.

My snow/all-day-stitch-athons have come to an end. It is back to work tomorrow. I am glad and sad. I will miss the time at home, but I do not want to go all summer. These snow days are edging the end of school a little too close to our already scheduled vacation to Disney. So far, so good, and maybe this will be the end of it, I hope.

I am off to stitch while watching American Idol and Lost. I will do more watching than stitching with Lost, I am sure (or I will be lost! LOL!). Any Lost fans out there?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Kind and Be True Finished

I spent my snow days stitching and finishing Be Kind and Be True. I like how it turned out. I want to eventually get this framed and hang it in my bedroom.

Be Kind and Be True
With Thy Needle and Thread
36 ct. Flax
DMC threads

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. We did not celebrate in a big way this year. Our iPhones from a couple of weeks ago were our Valentine's Day present to each other. The three of us went out to dinner last night, and it was nice to get out of the house. Jake brought home a rose in a vase for me over the weekend. He is a very thoughtful boy and always tries to do special things for me. He spotted the roses in our local grocery store last week when I sent him and his dad on an errand. Michael is very good about "helping" him do things like this. I am a lucky girl to have such a great son and a great husband.

I haven't been to work in a week (not that I am complaining...). We are out again today. Not sure if we will go back tomorrow. We didn't get a lot of snow this round, but it will depend on how well the back roads get cleared today.

Since finishing BK&BT, I have been working on Molly by Carriage House Samplings. Seeing Siobhan's finish of Mary Margaret and my mom commenting on Molly's cat being pretty has spurred me forward on her. :) She is fun to stitch. I love the fabric (Lakeside Linen Vintage Autumn Gold) and the silks. I had been stitching in qsnaps lately, but went back to stitching in hand with BK&BT and Molly and had forgotten how much faster I can stitch when I am stitching in hand. It has been a nice change of pace.

Short post today....
Have a good one. Stay warm!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day!

Here is the scene outside the window of my sitting/stitching room....

I love snow. I think it is so pretty, and I love to watch it falling. (I know some of you aren't feeling the love for the white stuff right now.. .especially my friends in the eastern part of the country who have experienced a blizzard with what seems continuous new snowfall). This particular snow fall has landed us a snow day from school/work and I am quite thrilled with that. We can't have too many more though... I want school to be out before June so that we can go to Disney as planned and not have to switch our dates around.

Still... what to do with this unexpected blissful day off? I think I will probably stitch and scrapbook and keep busy with crafty things. And I will probably fix a big pot of chili and some brownies as that just sounds yummy and perfectly appropriate for a day such as this.

I have been doing some stitching since I last posted. I started and finished a couple of Valentine smalls... (I even finished/finished them...) My goal is to eventually have enough smalls for each holiday/season to fill a wire basket that sits on my entryway table. I am a long way from it, but I am getting there.

I added a few more strands to Quakers and Quilts...

I started Be Kind and Be True (LOVING this one...It will probably see some stitching time from me today)

And I am continuing to stitch Paradise Lost...

I was doing so well on this one last night... making tons of progress on that bird tree... when I discovered a one stitch mistake in two of the leaves (I am not sure what to call them?) so basically I am in the process of frogging everything I stitched during my several hours of stitching/TV watching time. Grrrr....

I haven't stitched as much this week because I got a new "toy."

Michael and I joined the ranks of iPhone users... It has been so much fun to play with and figure out. I have been wanting one of these since they first came out. I wish there was a cross-stitching app. This is one area where there is not an "app for everything." I am wondering if it is possible to blog from it? Anyone know?

I am off to make a few phone calls, send a few texts, and see where the day goes from here. I am thinking that Be Kind is going to fly into my hands any minute....

Hope you are having a great day wherever you are... snowy or otherwise. :)