Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I have managed to sneak in two more finishes before the end of the year.
I finished Reindeer Yule right after Christmas. You may remember I posted this when I first began it back in November, referring to it as looking like a cow with mange...

I am happy to show it here looking more like what it was meant to be... LOL! I changed a couple of threads, trading out the called for DMC on the reindeer body and star to Maple Syrup and Whiskey.
Reindeer Yule
Ewe and Eye and Friends
Unknown fabric
recommended DMC with 2 WDW substitutions

I also finished Cappuccino. This one is sort of a finish, I guess. I plan to add the add the other two thread packs beside this one on the same piece of fabric. But for now, I am counting it as a finish. :)

Cappuccino thread pack
Little House Needleworks
Belle Soie silk in thread pack
28 ct. unknown fabric

I think I counted 22 finishes this year. Among those were a couple of BAPS, several smalls, and quite a few medium sized designs. All in all, I am pretty happy with what I accomplished. I didn't whittle my enormous WIP pile down much, but that is okay. I don't stress over WIPs and new starts... It is all about fun! I plan to make an album with a link in my sidebar eventually of what I stitched this year. I have been enjoying seeing the mosaics and slideshows on several blogs today of the stitching completed this year. There are so many talented and inspiring stitchers out there!! I have learned so much through reading blogs, and made so many "friends" through blogging. I appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to read my drivel and those of you that take time to comment. I read every single comment, and appreciate each and every one.

Do any of you start a new piece on New Years Day? I am not sure if I will or not this year. I have been stitching on Paradise Lost the last couple of days, and I may just stick with that or maybe start block 2 on CaHRH.

I am a little melancholy to see 2009 end. It has been a good year for my family and me. I am not quite ready to bid it farewell. And with the start of 2010 comes the inevitable end of my winter break, and I am not quite ready to go back to work either. LOL!

I usually make New Years Resolutions... then feel terribly guilty when I break them less than a week after Jan. 1. So this resolutions. There are definitely things I would like to accomplish floating around in my head, but the minute I commit pen to paper seems to be the kiss of death for whatever goal I had in mind. So no written resolutions anyway. :)

I wish all of you and your families peace and blessings in the new year. Have a good one!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I put the final stitches in JB at 2:06 a.m. this morning. I was determined to get her finished. I told DH at 11:30 p.m. that I would stay up until 3:00 a.m. if that is what it took. It very nearly did. I was determined to have this finished by Christmas and knew that I would not have a lot of time today or tomorrow to stitch.

Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler
Shakespeare's Peddler
40 ct. LL Navy Bean linen
recommended GAST threads

We celebrated Christmas with my parents, brother, and SIL over the weekend. We had such a good time. Stash pictures coming soon. :)

I won a giveaway from Belinda at Samplings from a Blue Ribbon Girl recently. I received this lovely package in the mail yesterday. It was like opening a Christmas present!

Aren't they beautiful? The workmanship is exquisite! And she included the sweetest card. I love all of them, Belinda! Thank you so much!!

My parents are coming down tonight to spend the night with us. I am thrilled! We are meeting for dinner and shopping, and then plan to go to the Christmas Eve service at our church at 11 p.m. (one of my favorite traditions). Tonight, Santa will come, and I am sure that Jake will be up at the crack of dawn ready to open all that he finds under the tree. Afterwards, Mom and I will fix breakfast and we will just enjoy the day. Tomorrow night we will go to Michael's parents to celebrate with them and BIL, SIL, and kiddos. Good times. I am very blessed.

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A little Christmas music...

My favorite Christmas song sung by Danny his voice and his version of this. :)

Hope to have a finish of Jenny Bean to post later tonight or tomorrow.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

JB, Jake, books

I have been working almost exclusively on Jenny Bean’s Christmas Sampler the last several weeks. However, I don’t feel like I have made tremendous progress on it. Things are so busy already in our household. My stitching has had to take a backseat. My goal is to have JB finished by Christmas, and then to start block 2 on CaHRH. That is the goal anyway…it may be a little too lofty considering all that is going on between now and then.

In non-stitching news, our son Jake got baptized on Sunday. That was a HUGE event for us. J We are so proud of him and so pleased that he has made this most important of decisions so early in his life. That makes this Christmas even more special than usual for our family.

Let's talk books for a second.... I am reading/listening to "Dragonfly in Amber" by Diana Gabaldon at the moment. I am determined to re-read the entire Outlander series before reading the latest "Echo in the Bone." I am finding that I have forgotten a lot from the last time that I read them. I have a couple of Audible credits burning a hole in my pocket. Those of you that like to listen and stitch...recommend some of your favorites to me. I always enjoy seeing what other people are reading and what their favorite books are. :)

I haven’t been commenting as much on blogs lately as I usually do. I just haven’t had time, and I apologize to those of you that I normally comment on. I have been trying to keep up with reading and looking at your work as much as possible. I am hoping that after the holidays that I will have more time to update this blog as well as comment on yours. J I am constantly inspired by the amazing work that I see on your blogs and it motivates me to stitch all the more.

Have a great weekend ahead!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Check out this giveaway...

The Teakettle Corner (which is a "new-to-me" blog) is having a fabulous giveaway. Check out her original post on Dec. 3 to get the details.

I have been working on Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler. It has been so overcast/cloudy/rainy here that I have yet to get a picture. I am hoping to post an update this weekend.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chrismas@HRH Block 1 finished

Most of my stitching time (what little I have had) has been devoted to stitching Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow. I finally finished block 1 last night. Now I am debating whether to start block 2 or go back to Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler. Jenny Bean is calling pretty loudly. :)

Look at what my mom surprised me with today! I have always loved this nativity that she and Dad display at their house. She came down today and brought this with her. She said she doesn't really have a good place to display it and she has never loved it as much as I have. I am thrilled!!! The pictures don't really do it justice.

Jake and I finished decorating the tree last night. We have had the tree up since Thanksgiving, just had a hard time finding time to put the ornaments on it. I am hoping to have a few more cross stitched ornaments for my tree as I have joined Vonna's LHN ornament SAL. My first ornament arrived in the mail a few days ago. I am going to try really hard to stitch and finish these each month. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am thankful...

  • for God's saving grace
  • for my family
  • that both mine and my husband's parents are healthy and with us
  • for our brothers and their families
  • that we are in good health
  • that we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, basic needs met
  • for friends
  • for hobbies
  • for music
  • for sunshine
  • for a pleasant afternoon at home and a long weekend ahead
  • for simple pleasures
  • for the Christmas season that is right around the corner
Hoping you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stitching, thank you, New Moon

I haven't gotten to stitch a whole lot lately. The evenings and weekends have been busy, and it has really cut into my stitching time. And as for blogging and reading/commenting on blogs, my husband has taken over my computer a lot of evenings and that has cut into my computer/blog time. Mind you, he has his own laptop. I just have a newer, faster Mac that we both love. It appears that if mine sits idle for very long, it automatically springs into his lap for the evening. However, I have worked on a few things...

I started Block 1 of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow. I couldn't stand it any longer. As soon as my threads came in the mail, I put in some stitches. (excuse my wrinkly pictures...I didn't take time to iron today).

I also started Jenny Bean Christmas. Not a lot of progress to show yet on this one.

I also put some stitches in Quakers and Quilts.

And I want to say a big public thank you to Jolene for the prize I won in one of her recent giveaways! I was thrilled!! I later told her that I was secretly hoping this would be the one of four prizes that would show up in my mailbox. I am hoping to stitch that gorgeous cardinal design in this one soon.
In non-stitching news, (and for my fellow Twilighters) I went with a group of twelve girlfriends to see New Moon Friday night. Oh. My. Goodness. I loved it! I loved the first one too, but thought this one was even better. New Moon was my least favorite of all the books, but I just thought the movie was spectacular. I have always been "Team Edward" but I am starting to see the appeal of the Jacob followers. LOL! I will be going back to the theater again to see this soon. I wanted to stay and see it again as soon as our showing ended, and I think I could have talked the eleven others into staying if there was a ticket left to be had in the tri-state area! Good times!

That's it for me...I am off to stitch and catch up on my DVR.
Have a good one.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Finish!

I just put in the last stitches and attached the buttons to All in a Sleigh by Miss Crescent's Crowne.

I am thinking I will either frame this in a shiny red frame that I saw at Michael's recently or maybe make it into a pinkeep. It is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I am leaning more toward framing. I think it will fit into a standard 5x7 easily.

I am not sure which one I will pick up next. Maybe my Yule mangy cow. LOL! Good night of TV to stitch with...Survivor, Fast Forward, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice (which I will record for later).... I love Thursday night TV.

Happy Weekend ahead!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Stitching Galore

The Christmas spirit hit me about 10 minutes after Halloween ended. And I know that here in the U.S., Thanksgiving is the next holiday, and I am in Thanksgiving mode as well (hence the new blog layout), but the two holidays seem to kind of blend together for me. (I think this is because my Christmas crazy MIL treats Thanksgiving as a prelude to Christmas...but I digress).

I love holiday stitching. So I promptly pulled out all of my Christmas WIPs, kitted Christmas projects, and Christmas charts and began organizing them in a Christmas tote. I also filled almost every project bag I own with Christmas stitching.

And then the craziness began.... and my stitching ADD kicked in....

I finished stitching Eloquent Christmas but still need to add beads (this one may go to my sister-in-law who has been eyeing it the minute I put needle to thread, but I will have to stitch another one for me because I absolutely love this design)....

I started Ewe and Eye and Friends' Yule.... (yes it looks like a bunch of crazy geometric shapes gone wild or a funky cow with mange, but it will eventually turn into a cute reindeer, I promise)

I started Lizzie Kate's ABC Christmas....

I started Prairie Schooler's Christmas Eve...

I started Shepherd's Bush's Glad Tidings...

And I put a few stitches in Paradise Lost (you didn't think it was going to be all Christmas, did you? LOL!)

And the sad thing is, I am wildly eyeing Miss Crescent's Crown's All in a Sleigh and Shakepeare's Peddler's Jenny Bean Christmas, wanting to grab them and start them as well. Not to mention Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow which is begging to put in an appearance but I don't have all the NPIs I need yet. (And then there is Vonna's ornament SAL that I need to get working on...)

Sick, I tell ya...

And yes, I do plan to finish some of them. Some of them are going to be really quick stitches (I think).

I have a feeling we will be decking the halls and trimming the tree a lot earlier this year. I usually wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving day, but the last couple of years we have been so busy with family functions (which I love... not complaining a bit!), that I have ended up decorating the first week of December, which is just not enough time for me to enjoy it all. So this year, I am going to get a jump start and make the season and joy last as long as possible.

In other news, hubby's varsity team won their first round of playoffs last night and will advance to the next round on Friday. Go Hawks! And Jake's little league flag football team won their playoff game this afternoon and will play in the Little League Super Bowl tomorrow afternoon. Go Vikings! All kinds of football fun going on around here. :)

And I want to say a big Thank You to everyone who left a comment on my last post. I had 19 wonderful comments (the most ever!) and I loved each and every one of them and have read them several times. You all sure know how to make a girl feel good. :)

Hope you are having a happy, stitchy, fun day in your neck of the woods (that's southern for "where you live" LOL!). I am thinking I may make a cup of hot chocolate and turn on the Christmas carols for my afternoon of stitching. :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I put the last stitch in Midnight Watch Thursday night. I am so pleased with how it turned out. Now to get it framed and ready to display next Halloween...

Midnight Watch
Blackbird Designs
30 ct. 18th Century Brown by R & R Reproductions
recommended Crescent Colors, Gentle Arts, and Weeks Dye Works threads
Started Thursday, October 8 , 2009
Finished Thursday, October 29, 2009

As soon as I placed the final stitch, I promptly started Paradise Lost. I have been wanting to stitch this since I saw the first sneak peeks on Paulette's blog months ago. I don't have much to show yet, but I have a four day weekend this weekend, and this baby is going to get lots of face time. :)

Paradise Lost
Plum Street Samplers
Started Thursday, October 29, 2009
Recommended fabric and fibers

Thank you all for your kind comments regarding my mom's and Jake's birthday. Both enjoyed their days.
Have you seen the LHN monthly ornament series? I am excited about these. Vonna is hosting a stitch a long blog for these here if you are interested. I am signed up for a monthly auto and looking forward to participating in the blog. I am hoping this will keep me motivated to work on these all year. I enjoy quick stitches in between bigger projects.

Today is Halloween here (not sure if this is just a US holiday or not...). Michael will take Jake trick or treating around our neighborhood later this evening while I stay home to pass out candy. Where we live, we get slammed with trick or treaters. It seems like people drop them off by the van-loads. It is a lot of fun but it's hectic. Jake is going to be a skeleton this year that has blood pumping through it's chest. Ick. Usually he is some character from Star Wars, but he wanted to be something "scary" this year. After trick or treating, my next door neighbors a.k. a. my brother-in-law and sister-in-law have an annual Halloween party where a bunch of our friends and their families gather to eat chili. We always have a great time. It is definitely chili weather. It has been cold and rainy here most of October, and today is no exception, although I think maybe the rain is over for the rest of today at least.

School is out until next Wednesday!!! Yippee!!! Monday is technically a "work day" for parent teacher conferences, but since most parents work during the day, we have two evenings where we stay late to meet with parents which allows us to have Monday off. Tuesday is an election day, so we have that day off as well. Love these kind of weekends. :) I plan to stitch as much as I can in between Halloween festivities, church, and football. Sounds like a great weekend. Hope you have a great one wherever you are! :)

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Just wanted to wish my sweet Mama a very happy birthday! :) She reads my blog from time to time. I have the sweetest mother in the world. So kind and so loving. She has always been and continues to be the best mom ever (yes, I know I am biased). While I don't post a lot of personal pictures here on my blog, I thought I would honor her in another way. I have shown you things that my dad has made for me. Tonight is Mom's turn. She has learned to quilt (self taught) in the last year or so and makes some gorgeous quilts. I have been lucky to be a recipient of one of her quilts as well as a tabletop ort bag. However, I don't use it for orts. I use the pincushion for needles occasionally and the bag part to hold my scissors (in the cute inside pocket) and my ring of threads for whichever project I am working on at the moment. This has been quite a useful little addition as it keeps me and the husband from fighting over the limited table space between our two recliners. LOL!

(Actually I guess Dad gets a little credit on this post after all...he made the quilt rack that it is hanging on in the foyer. :) The wall looks pink but it is more of a rose-ish brown and I don't know why my husband's foot is in the bottom corner. LOL!)

No stitching pictures to show today. I am on a little hiatus from Midnight Watch as I am waiting for threads (maybe tomorrow, I hope). I have been stitching on some random projects--Shores, Quakers and Quilts, My Lady's Quaker, etc. but not really enough progress on any one thing to show.

Jake's 8th birthday is this weekend. He is looking so forward to his party and counting down the days.
Right now the dog is begging to go outside and Jake is wanting me to look up his reading log online and help him with his math homework, so I guess that is it for this post.
Have a happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Awesome giveaway

Here's an awesome giveaway...

27 very cute fat quarters that would be awesome for finishing needlework or making a quilt. :)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Trinkets

I have been diligently stitching on Midnight Watch. I love this project, but I am ready to finish it and move on to something else. I love the color of the fabric and I really think this design looks fabulous on it, but it is rough textured. I stitch in hand most of the time using the sewing method, and my finger is starting to get a sore spot from pushing the needle through the fabric. I have never found a thimble that I like, but a bandaid seems to do the trick. :)

I don't know if I am going to have this one finished by my self-imposed Halloween deadline or not. I kind of doubt it. I have run out of a couple of threads that I have ordered. I plan to stitch as much as I can with the threads that I have. This design is taking a lot more of threads of certain colors than I thought it would. But I didn't start out with full skeins of some threads.

I have a few new trinkets to show...
My dad made me this beautiful needle holder out of ebony. I know I am biased, but I think it is absolutely fabulous. My dad is a woodworker. His particular passion is wood turning. I think he does beautiful work. I love how this one stands on a table top. I immediately filled it with my favorite needles--Bohin #26. Love those!!

And speaking of Bohin, they also make scissors! I had no idea until I saw these on Anita's Little Stitches site...

Fabulous!! They snip threads perfectly and have a great feel. Two thumbs up for Anita's customer service and super fast shipping! :)

Hoping to stitch some tonight. I would love to get the house almost finished while watching all my Sunday night shows. :)

I am also listening to Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. I have read all of the books before, but I am trying to re-read/listen to them again before delving into Echo in the Bone. It has been so long since I read the last one that I feel compelled to read again and remember the details. This is one of my absolute favorite series ever... I also recently downloaded Audrey Niffenegger's new one "Her Fearful Symmetry." I loved Time Traveler's Wife, so I am hoping that this one will be a big hit with me as well. It will be awhile before I get to it though.

Hope you are have had a great weekend!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Midnight Watch progress...

I have made a good start on this particular piece, I think. I am hoping I can keep my stitching ADD under control long enough to finish this one by Halloween. I would love to get it framed and sitting on my foyer table before the end of October.

I ran out of GAST Gingersnap used in the border. The design calls for two skeins. I had one full skein and a part of one. It definitely takes almost two skeins. And it will probably take two skeins of WDW Charcoal although the design only calls for one. (edited to's Crescent Colors Blackbird in the border that I think I will need another skein...not Weeks Charcoal...I got mixed up...sorry). So I have quit stitching the border and will work on the vine and house while I wait for a thread order. So far, this has been a really fun stitch, and I am enjoying working on it. Usually borders do me in with boredom, but so far, so good.

A few people asked on my last post if the neighbor's cat's name is really Midnight or if I just referred to her as that because of the black cat in the design, but her name really is Midnight. :) The neighbors adopted three cats from a shelter all at the same time. Apparently the other two cats weren't very nice to Midnight, so she takes up residence at our house. She loves hubby's lawnmower and we find her sitting in the seat almost every time we walk outside. The neighbors behind us (Midnight's original owners), our next door neighbors/inlaws, and our family all love cats (and dogs). Between the three homes, we have eight cats. They all visit the three houses and eat from each other's food bowls. I have always loved cats. I would adopt every stray I saw if my husband would let me. Of course, I don't really want to be known in town as the crazy cat lady either, but I do think they are just the sweetest pets.

It is a sunny, chilly, peaceful Sunday here. The perfect day to stitch. And the last day of my fall break. {Sob...} It is back to the grindstone tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Midnight Watch

Three posts in three can tell I am on fall break. LOL! I think this is a new personal record for me.

I have decided to shelve "Home" for awhile. I am too disgruntled with it to make a decision or to want to work on it. I think it is Siobhan who refers to the "WIP dungeon." I like that...that is where Home is going for now.

I got happy mail today...
I had ordered Blackbird Designs Midnight Watch and fabric a couple of days ago from Needlecraft-Corner. Their shipping is so fast! I loved this design when I first saw it. I am now happily stitching on this piece this afternoon and trying to catch up online with the show Mercy. A terrific afternoon. If my husband would call and insist on takeout for supper, it would be perfect. LOL!

Here's our own little Midnight. Actually she belongs to the neighbors behind us, but she adopted us long ago and stays at our house, sleeps in our garage, and eats our cat food. :) And we love her, so all is well.

Have a great afternoon!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This word pretty much sums up my whole day....
Some extended family issues cropped up earlier today. Nothing serious, just enough to be aggravating and to make my day off kilter.

And then, just when I got my attitude somewhat adjusted, I discover that I made a counting error between the H and the O on Bent Creek's Home, and it has thrown a good chunk of the sampler off kilter. I wish I had discovered it earlier, but it did not occur to me until I started the house and figured out that it was not perfectly centered between the trees.
Not sure what I am going to do... I don't know if I will work around it and adjust the border or if I will frog out about a fourth of the piece and stitch it again. I "think" I would have to frog the H, and the smaller letters (a, b, f, g), the star, the two trees on the left, and what there is of the house. I HATE this kind of thing. It makes me fall out of love with whatever I am stitching really quickly. If I frog and restitch, I am afraid I will have those little needle holes and clingy thread fibers. If I don't frog, my eyes will go to that mistake every time I look at the piece. I have decided to work on something else tonight, sleep on it, and see how I feel tomorrow. Not a wise idea to work on it tonight when I am tired and cranky.

I am going to take my cranky pants to the recliner, pick up a fun, easy project (I started My Lady's Quaker right before we left for vacation...this might fit the bill), turn on the TV, and duck for cover until tomorrow.

Hope your stitching is frog-free tonight...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All good things must come to an end...

And so it was with our little mini vacation. We returned home today. We had such a fabulous time. I did not want to come home. My parents went with us, and we really had such a great trip. I would have liked to have stayed for one more day, but with my husband's football practice schedule, it wasn't feasible.

I spent a lot of time browsing around a nice little needlework shop called "Dixie Darlin'." I came home with quite a bit of stash from there....

a design from the Knoxville EGA called Swan Pond Sampler (I have been admiring this model on their wall for years), Rosewood Manor's Quaker Diamonds, Midsummer Night Designs' Liberty, Blackbird Designs Bittersweet Moon
Notforgotten Farms' My Samplar House, With Thy Needle and Thread's Flag Day, Little House Needleworks' The Library, Bent Creek's Home
Lots of fabric and threads....some for the designs I purchased, mostly for designs I already have.

I went back and forth to this shop several times. They are so nice there. They were very helpful with all of my questions and even ordered a chart to mail me that they did not have in stock. It is so nice to get to shop in an actual needlework shop sometimes. I order a lot online because there are no shops remotely close to me anymore.

While on vacation, I started Bent Creek's Home. It is a cute little sampler that is stitching up so fast. I expect I will have this finished either tonight or tomorrow.

I have a little mini finish to show...
Before the end of September, I actually managed to finish block 2 of SoHRH. I was quite excited to finish it before the month's end. However, I haven't started block 3 yet, and with so many new things (and more coming in the mail), I don't know if I will get to it. I don't tend to stress over this kind of thing though. That would completely sap the fun out of it for me. If I get to it, I do... If I don't, that's okay too.

While we were in Pigeon Forge, my mom and I found this little shop called The Pattern Mart. We could have spent all day in there. She had very little cross-stitch, but she had tons of other things... all kinds of quilting, applique, wood, embroidery, etc. I really loved the punchneedle designs. The owner was so nice. She gave Mom and I a lesson in punchneedle and we enjoyed watching her work on a design there in the shop. We resisted temptation (for now), but I know it is only a matter of time before I get into that as well. It was so pretty, and after talking with the shop owner and seeing her demonstration, I think I could pick it up pretty quickly. She had a lot of neat gadgets (like this double hoop stand) that made it seem like it would be a breeze. Mom and I agreed that had we stayed another day, we would both have been back at that shop buying all the necessary supplies and setting up shop in the hotel room, punching the day away. :) Have any of you tried punchneedle? Do you enjoy it?

The one positive about being home is that I have the rest of the week off and no specific plans, other than to stitch as much as humanly possible. It is a cold rainy afternoon here (perfect stitching weather for me). Michael (hubby) is at football practice, Jake is visiting with his other set of grandparents... so I plan to spend the next couple of hours with my DVR and Bent Creek.
Have a good one!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Seven Stinkin' Stitches... exactly how many I had left to finish Autumn Cottage when I ran out of Weeks Terra Cotta (notice the half an acorn by "Autumn").

I am going to pick up a skein when we go on our little vacation and complete it along with the little pumpkin button, so stay official "finished" picture will be posted next week. :)

I pulled Shores back out and worked on block 2. It is almost finished. I was hoping to get it done by the end of September, but not sure that I will make it. This is a busy week ahead with little stitching time.

I did a floss toss tonight. Tell me what you think. I am wanting to stitch Judith Kirby's two Halloween houses as one design. I am thinking about using this piece of Picture This Plus cashel called "Haunted." It is a little dark, but that is kind of the look I am going for. I am hoping that the stitches will show up on this fabric, however.

My sweet DH treated me to a new little camera over the weekend. Isn't it the cutest thing! It's about the size of a deck of cards. I love it! I have been wanting something small enough to carry in my purse for spur of the moment photos as well as a good camera to take on vacation that is not heavy to lug around. I think I found it. :)

That's it for tonight. I am tired. Worked all day. Took the car for an oil change/tire rotation. Ran a few errands while I was out. Hoping to sit, stitch, and watch both Big Bang Theory and Castle tonight after tucking Jake in for the night.

Happy Stitching!