Wednesday, March 11, 2009

June Morning, Kindness, and some random thoughts thrown in

I am stitching away on June Morning on Mondays. I finished the house this week and started the strawberry. I thought I had all of the colors I needed already set aside for this but discovered I need DMC 433. I am going to check my stash and see if there is an extra skein in there. I have a whole set of DMC on bobbins and can pull from that if I have to, but I have found recently that I really like using DMC un-bobbined (I have no idea if this is a word). I have been slowly collecting a set in either floss away bags or thread drops...I have almost decided I prefer thread drops over everything else, but can't think of a good way to store them. How do you store your various threads? I have described my random DMC storage already. I keep overdyeds in floss away bags. Sometimes I prefer to use them on the hang tags that they come with. GAST and CC have the best hang tags, IMHO, because they have two holes in the for the ring and one for the thread, whereas WDW just has the one hole in their tags. Okay, that was a tangent...back to June Morning...

I also finally finished the chestnut brown background on Kindness!!! Only to discover that I now get to stitch all the leaves in a different shade of brown...cocoa. I have nothing against brown. I rather like it. My son's eyes are brown. I am just tired of stitching in brown. On the cover, the model's leaves have more of a greenish look to them, or so I thought. But the design calls for Weeks Cocoa. The Cocoa almost blends in with the Chestnut, I think. I stitched one tiny section in Cocoa in the top left corner last night. I guess I can decide by next Monday what to do...stitch with the recommended cocoa or switch it out for something a little more greenish.

Tonight I work on Simple Gifts-Love. Considering that for the last two Wednesdays, this project has given me absolute fits, I have frogged more than I have stitched, and I have zero progress to show, I am almost afraid to even take it out of the bag. I have decided that if I have the same problems tonight, then it is a sign of some sort and this project is getting booted out of the rotation for awhile.

Other than that, I am looking forward to quite a relaxing evening. My house is clean, supper has been cooked, dishes washed, son is done with homework., and it is only 6:30 p.m. I love nights like this. :) Hope you are enjoying your evening wherever you are as well.

Until next time...

Happy Stitching!



  1. Wow - the house is clean, supper is cooked, and it's only 6:30pm. I feel like I'm in a happy twilight zone! That's wonderful when that happens - only never seems to happen at my house.

    Your stitching are all looking LOV-a-ly! I think you've got the tough parts of Kindness done and the end is near!

    Ps I only keep my floss in little bags. I've never seen a thread drop, floss ring or anything like that. Yes I'm deprived. ;-)

  2. I absolutely love June Morning. The colors are so vibrant! BTW, I keep all my flosses in those floss away bags. I was afraid that if I hung some of the overdyes they would get dusty hanging out.

  3. Oh my gosh, your June Morning is wonderful! You're zipping along nicely on it. It's a bright sunny day here which brings June mornings to mind. ;) Your Kindness looks great, too--you got a LOT done on it! I know what you mean about the brown... sometimes i feel like stitching a lot of brown or green is just the filler stuff and I want to get to the good bits--the reds and yellows and blues. LOL

    I store all my threads in floss away bags.

  4. Beautiful progress on both wips! I also love thread drops. I have some old DMC bins that I store my threads in. For my over-dyed threads I put them on rings and I have them in a plastic storage box that's actually for scrapbooking. WDW tags drive me nuts too. I do take them off sometimes and put them on regular thread drops - works much better! :)

  5. Wow--house is clean, supper is cooked....can you come live at my house? The house is a wreck, we've been living on saltines and canned soup, I've lost some of my homework, and I've been sitting in the middle of the bed, surrounded by laundry that needs to be put away, stitching as usual. LOL!

    I keep my WDW in ziplock bags--I don't have as much of it because I prefer the other brands. I keep my GAST on rings, still on their tags. And I've labeled ziplock bags with the number series (100-199) for instance, to hold my DMC. I put NPI and AVAS in floss-away bags.

    Kindness is lovely (I don't like stitching with brown, but it certainly looks good), and I love June Morning too.

  6. June Morning is truly amazing!
    and beautiful progress on Kindness:)

    I use the bags. Have for over 30 years. Love the other things, but...the bags work great for me.
    I store in numerical order in my little crates:)