Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank you all for your sage advice on my Shores dilemma. Hearing so many of you say that you would leave it as is was reassuring, and that's exactly what I did. I frogged out the right side where I was a stitch off, but left the blocks together as they are. I love the stitching community. I had so many responses so quickly. Love that!

I have been working on Sarah Woodham here and there. So many bloggers are working on this design. It always inspires me to see their progress and makes me want to work on mine.

I started BOAF's Friendship Sampler as a part of a group of stitchers who are stitching this traveling design. Melissa at Birds and Blooms started this a couple of years ago. I was delighted when I received an email from her that it was now my turn to stitch this. I will working on this pretty exclusively in order to finish it and send it on to the next lucky stitcher on her list. I chose to stitch mine on 40 ct. PTP Relic. I am using the called for fibers except that I plan to change the girls' skin tone to a different color besides the called for GAST Pumpkin (pumpkin?? yikes!).

I have been knitting up a storm as well. I finished a pair of socks...

And cast on another pair...

Working on a log cabin afghan....

Working on a Traveling Woman scarf... actually quite a bit farther on this than the picture shows...

I thought I would also share a couple of pictures of my favorite place to stitch in my home. It is a sitting room that is off of our master bedroom. I recently got a new reclining loveseat and TV for my little abode. This is my absolute favorite place to hang out in the house. I need to get some framed stitching up on the walls however. :)

The shelf cubbies hold knitting projects in progress as well as a few stitching projects, knitting books, stitching magazines, scissors, etc. The rolling tote beside the TV holds stitching wips. I love how I can pop out one of the lidded drawers and everything I need for the wip is all inside... chart, fabric, threads, etc. Sometimes I even include scissors and needle holders for each project. :)

Petey likes to hang out here too....

We have been on spring break for the past week. We surprised Jake with a trip to Disney. He thought we were staying home all week. We sent him to get the mail the Friday afternoon of the last day of school. There was a postcard in the box with Disney World on the front and a note from Mickey on the back telling him that he had 30 minutes to pack and get ready, that he was leaving for Disney and Mickey would see him there. It was a great surprise. We had a great magical week. Unfortunately the magic is over and we will be slammed back into the real world tomorrow at 6 am.

Off to prepare... or stitch... probably stitch!


  1. Aw, that's so sweet how you surprised Jake! So cute! Love your little fur baby too -- what a cutie! Great projects you have going there! Both knitting and stitching! Love your cozy place to stitch too! Get some stitching up on the walls! :D

  2. You have really been a busy girl!! Love all your progresses, your great stitching spot AND your four legged helper!!! Have a good week..yes, our alarm clocks will be sounded sooner than we want! Faye

  3. I'm glad to see that you did not start Shores over. That would have been wrong!

  4. Wow! So many wip's where shall I start? First off, love, love, love Sarah Woodham! It's gorgeous Kellie. And how about the BOAF sampler, I am almost done with mine, but I have changed it a lot! I agree with you on changing the flesh color, pumpkin is definitely not the right flavor. Love the scarf....keep up the good work! Smiles....

  5. You've been busy! Love how you surprised with Disney!

  6. Hope you had fun hanging out with the Disney crew. Love your wips. Sarah is really coming along! I'll enjoy watching your BOAF progress as well. What a fun sampler.

    Great stitching nest too. Your loveseat looks comfy!

  7. So glad you decided to leave Shores as is, Kellie--it is looking great :)

    And your knitting--wow! Such bright, cheery colors... I'm glad you had such a special spring break week. Your Disney surprise for Jake sounds delightful!

  8. I love the clever surprise for your sons visit to Disney - that is so awesome and I'm sure will be a life memory for him. Love your WIP's - no one will ever know of the little mess up on Shores - that is such a big and busy sampler - it will be beautiful and your Sarah - OMGosh - lovely! All the knitting you are doing looks great and your secret hideaway - very comfy and cozy! Enjoy - Melody

  9. Wow - you've got a bunch of great projects going!

    Glad you decided to leave HRH as is - it looks great. Sarah is a beautiful sampler and you're making great progress on her as well.

    Glad you enjoyed Disney - what a fun surprise!

  10. Your Sarah is looking beautiful. I'm glad you decided to leave the spacing on Shores - it looks great!

  11. I love your blog! The Elvis made me very happy! Keep up the good stitching.

  12. I love the story about how you surprised your son with a trip to DW! How neat.

    Your stitching & knitting looks great! I love your choice for the BOAF. Relic is such a fantastic linen. Love your stitching nest, too, and your buddy!

  13. Sarah Woodham looks fantastic. It's such a lovely design. Your Shores look great, good that you left it as it was. Looking forward to see more of your Birds of a Feather sampler and I love your knitting too.