Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm in love

My first pair of Signature Needle Arts knitting needles....

Size 6, 10", stiletto tips, spiral top

Now I want a whole set.

I've cast on a scarf. I plan to knit until I can no longer hold my eyes open tonight.

This is the first night my family has been home together this week. We've all been running in different directions. Too busy!

I love having my little family cozy under the roof of home. Right now, I'm listening to Jake and Michael talk to each other excitedly about a box of basketball cards that they lucked into this week and can't wait to open to see what "treasurers" await inside. They both collect and it is fun to watch them share this hobby. They love to tell me all about it. And although I don't have a clue about most of the sports stars on the cards, I listen with interest, feeling blessed that they want to include me in their excitement.


  1. Nice!! My daughter is joining the knitting & crochet club at her secondary school. I have great plans for what she'll make for me. ;D