Sunday, October 16, 2011

New starts and a stall

I have stalled on Molly that I showed in the last post. She is 99.9% finished. I ran out of one color of NPI and need to finish about 20 stitches. As soon as I get my order from Needlecraft Corner, I will have a finish to post. And regrettably, it will be the second of two stitching finishes that I have had this entire year. I don't know what has been wrong with me this year. I think I hop back and forth between projects too much without making a lot of progress in any direction. The last couple of weeks I have tried hard to stick to one stitching project at a time and have been pleased with the progress I have made. I don't see myself becoming a one-at-time stitcher again, but I'm leaning heavily back in that direction.

While waiting for my NPI thread to arrive, I decided to stitch something small that I can easily finish in a week or so. This is October Word Play by With Thy Needle & Thread. I love Her designs, and this caught my eye from the first sneak peek that was shown on her blog. But wouldn't you know, I'm now running out of another thread for this design.

I'm still knitting as well. I started another Pioneer Braid scarf. I love this simple garter stitch design that in my opinion looks more complicated than it is.

Hard to believe that the last time I posted, I was here (although I didn't allude to that in my post).

Now we are back in reality....

Have a happy week ahead....



  1. That scarf is so cool! Love the October Word Play too. How frustrating about Molly! Don't you hate running out of a fiber and having to wait for more? Ugh!

  2. Love that scarf! It looks very interesting, I have never seen one like that. I love Brenda's designs, hope your threads arrive soon. Smiles...