Sunday, July 7, 2013

WIP Reduction mode-edited

Hi all, Checking in for a moment....

I am in WIP reduction mode. The number of projects that I have started but not finished is staggering. I'm on a mission to reduce the number. To be honest, I don't know the exact number, but I know it's large. I have made a partial list of recent WIPs. They are each organized with their respective supplies, and I'm picking one and working on it solely. I have several multi-part projects on my list that I'm at least trying to get one block, one chart, etc. completed before moving on. So far, this is keeping me motivated. I'm only a few weeks into it, so we will see....

Up to this point....

Part 1 of LHN's Song of the Seasons mystery sampler. (I'm such a sucker for multi-part projects, but my interest quickly wanes on them. But this doesn't seem to deter me from purchasing them and starting them and often joining a stitch along for them....)

Finished Lizzie Kate's At Our House today. Love, love, love this!!!

Next up, CCN's Christmas Village will get some stitching time. The goal is to complete chart #2 Poinsettia House before moving on to another WIP.

I'm a little more disciplined with my knitting projects. I don't have near as many projects started in this area thankfully. I'm mostly a sock knitter with various other projects thrown in here and there. I usually just share my finishes here as most of the time. I finished a pair of socks at the end of June out of Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock in the Water Sprite color-way. I love having a plain vanilla sock on the needles to keep my hands busy during car rides and long waits.

We adopted a new kitty in June. Meet Bean. He's certainly keeping us busy as he is into everything. He has a particular fondness for threads and yarn unfortunately. We keep joking that perhaps Menace or Mayhem would have been a more apt name for him. But he really is sweet and we've all fallen in love
with him. Here's his baby picture when he first arrived. I can't get him to sit still long enough to take a more currant one, but he's much bigger now. He is about 9 weeks old now. (Edited to add Bean's picture.  Thanks for letting me know it didn't load, Margaret and Glenna! :) )

That's it for today. I have to go get Menace Bean out of the curtains. Until next time....


  1. I'm in the WIP reduction mode also--can't believe how many projects I have (I'm guessing somewhere north of 30), but I keep on buying. I don't think your kitty picture loaded (or my connection is extra slow); I'm looking foward to seeing him!

  2. Lovely projects! I would love to see your new kitty! No picture sadly....

  3. I know what you mean about the WIPs! I have been working on these sorely neglected projects all year and so far have managed to only start (and finish) one new project!! I can't however say that I haven't BOUGHT any new projects!! And the temptation to start something new is sometimes overwhelming!!

    Congrats to your finish and here's hoping there are many more to come! Laura

  4. Great goal--I need to do this myself, but am afraid to face the staggering numbers

  5. OH gosh...Bean really looks like he might be full of trouble in this picture. So cute! In the curtains huh? :o)
    I too need to reduce my WIP pile. It will take forever with all the "must-do" new designs calling out to me!
    Love our stitching, as always.
    Beautiful work.

  6. Congrats on your WIP Reduction! Great plan. What an adorable baby! You'll just have to keep that camera handy and snap in mid flight :-).