Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Almost finished...

I have worked almost exclusively on Mary Margaret since sometime in early April. I think I may finally finish her this week. I have to say that I have enjoyed every stitch, and that is saying a lot considering I have had to frog quite a bit for some reason. I am still off a stitch somewhere between the tree and the vine thing that the owl is sitting on, but I can't figure out where and I have decided to just let it be. 

Mother's Day was a busy but wonderful day. We went to my parent's house to celebrate with my family, and later in the afternoon to hubby's parents' house to celebrate with his family. Michael and I are both very fortunate to have both of our parents, and great parents at that. I was thinking Sunday morning how thankful I am for my own sweet, kind mother and how blessed I am to be a mother. Michael took Jake shopping for Mother's Day this year (without me reminding him, which is even better). Jake picked out a lovely purse that I adore (I have a thing for purses...), and he made me a great card. He was so excited about the card. Me too. It was handmade by him with his words. Hallmark will never be able to top that. 

We have been working in the yard a little. This fella jumped into my trunk when I visited the local garden center. Isn't he adorable? He's the guardian of the fish pond. :) Please ignore the scraggly little banana tree behind him that my husband insisted on planting. I love bananas, but I am not a fan of them planted in my yard. We live in Kentucky, for goodness sake! This is not a tropical climate...they do not grow well here, but I can't get that through to him.

Michael took Jake golfing this afternoon. I think I will stitch until they get home. 
Until next time...
Happy Stitching,


  1. Mary Margaret looks great! I think I may just have to order one of these ladies.

  2. Almost done...AWESOME! And that Vera sure is nice, too!

  3. You MM is looking lovely! Well done!

    Yes I remembered you got a purse not too long ago! I have a bit of a 'purse' thing myself (rather than a shoe thing) but since getting into xstitch again, it's mostly a xstitch thing!

    Have fun with your gardening bunny! As to the banana plant, we have one here too and we're much further north. You just have to remember to protect it in the winter!

  4. Wow, it's looking great!! Love your new Vera Bradley purse too! stitching and VB bags are my two weaknesses!! :)

  5. I LOVE Mary Margaret! Such a pretty stitch!
    Great bunny! BEAUTIFUL purse!! and a wonderful Mother's Day weekend:)

    Hey, when we lived in N.C., our neighbor had a banana tree. In the winter, he dug it up and put it under the house and then he'd replant it every spring! It was huge when we left there!

  6. Mary Margaret is looking great! I love it! And your story about the banana tree cracks me up. Why are men like that? Love your purse - is that a Vera Bradley? I love her purses.

  7. You are SOOOO close to being finished! MM looks great. I love your Mother's Day gift, and the garden bunny! My husband is the same--gets these ideas about what to plant in the garden. I have to go with him to the garden center to veto some of his odder ideas! LOL I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day!

  8. Mary Margaret is beautiful, and do you notice how the colors of your pictures all complement each other? Happy belated mother's day.