Monday, August 31, 2009

Mini Finish and WIP busting

I finished the first block of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow over the weekend. :)

After seeing Siobhan's beautiful finish on her blog, I am more motivated than ever to start block 2. :)

But in the meantime, I decided to go through some WIPs (I have ahem....quite a few). I found several that are very near completion. So near completion that a few days or possibly a week's worth of stitching would finish them. I pulled one such from the pile yesterday morning and stitched all day. I am hoping to possibly have it finished today or tomorrow. It is Snapperville by Bent Creek.

I have a little more of the border to do, and the snaps and buttons to the border, and it will be finished.

I started this one, I think, back in 2006. I had went on a stitching hiatus after my son was born in 2001. I barely picked up a needle for five years. I was busy and not motivated. In 2006, I started to rediscover my love of stitching. One weekend, my husband and I had dropped Jake off at my parents while we went on a day outing. I convinced him to stop at a cross-stitch store in Louisville and let me look around for a bit (he is always a good sport about these kinds of things). I saw this Bent Creek piece displayed in the shop as a framed model and really liked it. After some hand wringing at the total cost of this project (at that time I had a non-existent I had to buy everything to complete, how times have changed! LOL!), I bit the bullet and bought the whole thing. I promptly started stitching it and then put it aside for all these years, and I am not sure why. I think I ran out of one of the overdyeds and by the time I ordered the threads, I had moved on to something else. Fast forward to now, and I think this piece is about to see completion. All this to say, that I will always associate this piece with finding my way back to stitching.

We are home today. Jake is recovering from a virus. I decided to let him stay home today and have a day of rest before going back to school this week. Our little county is getting over-taken by swine flu and whatever this stomach virus is that Jake has contracted. It makes me want to wear an oxygen mask to work and put one on my son. LOL!

I'll leave you with a picture of one of my other sweet Boo.

Have a great afternoon!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Congrats on Block 1 of Shores. I started on Block 2 yesterday, so we'll be stitching together.

  2. I'm the same way on projects--start it with great gusto, then things get in the way (or I fall in love with something else) and off it goes to the pile.

    What a pretty kitty--I have a weakenss for blue-eyed kitties!

  3. I have a kitty named Boo too, Kellie. Yours is a pretty boy!

    I love the Snapperland, but I never stitched it, maybe someday. Won't be long until you have it finished, it is such a cute stitch!

  4. I feel your concern! My coworkers are no different than a bunch of young sniffling kids. Its gross! Hopefully you won't get sick and your son recovers soon.
    Boo is so cute!
    I have those patterns, but never did start them. I have the winter, autumn, easter and ??? other series. I finished the autumn series a while ago. If I can put my hand on it, I'd be happy to share it with you.

  5. Great start on Shaws, i keep look at this one too :-)
    Hope you get the bent creek WIP finished soon, it looks great!

    Love your little kitty :-)

  6. Your Boo is adorable!

    YGG on finishing block 1! It is such a fun stitch even if there were times I felt like I was drowning in that water. ;)

    Your Snapperville is beautiful. I always figure I'm going to stitch the Snapper series and finish them into pillows, even if they're big humongously long pillows, but so far I've just collected the charts.

    Hope your son recovers quickly from his virus!

  7. I like the story about your cross stitch experience. It's similar to mine in that I did it, took a long hiatus, then got back to it.

    Both your projects are looking great!

    Boo is a gorgeous cat!

  8. I need to WIP bust myself :)
    Your Shores is beautiful as is your Snapperland...keep going!

  9. Kellie - Block 1 looks fantastic. Block 2 is a lot of fun with some great colors. Love your Snapperland too. You're got some great WIPs going. Can't wait to see more.