Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Today was the first day of school. Only 184 more left.... LOL! (I'm kidding...I don't start counting down this early). All three of us had a great day. I am especially glad that it was such a good day for Jake. He had a rough start last year, even though it all ended up turning out okay. He has a fantastic second grade teacher. He really likes her, and our families know each other well, so that makes it even better.

I have been stitching like crazy since I last posted. I finally finished Bird in the Bower. I had run out of one of the NPIs.

I also decided to stick with the 36 ct. 1 over 2 for Shores. I am loving this now. The coverage is better than I first thought. I tried stitching a portion of it with 2 strands and decided that I liked the 1 strand better. I would like to stitch a block of this each month and perhaps finish it before school starts again next year. That is my goal for now anyway.

I have also stitched a little on Molly. There are some designers that I pretty much like anything they create. Kathy Barrick-Deiter is one of those. There is something about her designs that I am just drawn too. (Not to worry, Siobhan, I know YOU are her #1 stalker, I mean, fan! LOL!). I wish she would design a boy with a dog to go with Molly and her cat. I have emailed and begged. :)

(iPhoto is not cooperating with me today...sorry about the sideways picture)
I have also worked on Quakers and Quilts and started Nora Corbett's Sunflower Fairy in the newest Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine. I will show photos of both of those next time.

Not much else to report. Everyone here is complaining they are hungry (they expect me to work AND cook dinner, what gives?), so I guess I will go see what I can rustle up for supper.

Hope all of you are having a great week!!
Until next time....

Happy Stitching!


  1. Lots of lovely stitching, Kellie! I especially love Birds in the Bower.

    I suppose since you started school so early, you get to finish earlier in the year too?

  2. LOVE bird in a bower - looks grand!


  3. Awesome finish!! And love those wip pieces - I really need to stop talking about it and get those girls, lol.

  4. Woohoo!! Congrats on the finish! I love it. Dang, I kept thinking I could resist it and now I really think I need to stitch it. Love your progress on Shores & Molly! I am so glad that yo e-mailed Kathy about the boy & the dog chart idea--LOVE that!! I would love it if she did design a boy to go along with the girl series. I have two girls & one boy and it's easy to find charts with girls to 'match' my girls... not so easy with the boy stuff. I would love to do two of the girls and a boy and then tell people that they're my kids' portraits, done in thread. Conveniently without mouths to complain. ROFLOL

    I'm glad your son -- and you -- are back and settled into school.

  5. You've been a very busy girl! It looks like you and I are stitching Shores together.

    I feel your pain about school starting. I start back next Wednesday ... ugh. We'll make it.

  6. Wow, school already? Where do I sign up my kids? LOL We don't start until after Labor Day. Love all three of your stitching projects!

  7. These are all such cute pieces!

  8. Oh my!! I just stumbled across your blog and I must say it is fantastic. I love everything you have stitched. Great taste in designs. I must look for that American Log, it is darling.
    Congrats! on Bird in the Bower, it looks fab.
    I think kathy is very talented with her designs too. I am going now to add you to my GR. I will be back

  9. Nice projects you have going, can't wait to see them finished. School starts here in Utah on the 28th of August. My son is sad that summer is coming to an end quickly and homework will replace his "fun time" He will be going into 9th grade, his last year in junior high. Love your finished Bird in the Bower.....

  10. Hi, Kellie! Thanks for visiting my blog. I always love to find other stitcher :) Your BITB is gorgeous. It's in my stash right now calling my name!
    My daughter is in love with Molly and the other girls, and drooled over them finished at our needlework shop recently. I can't wait to add them to the stash!