Thursday, December 17, 2009

JB, Jake, books

I have been working almost exclusively on Jenny Bean’s Christmas Sampler the last several weeks. However, I don’t feel like I have made tremendous progress on it. Things are so busy already in our household. My stitching has had to take a backseat. My goal is to have JB finished by Christmas, and then to start block 2 on CaHRH. That is the goal anyway…it may be a little too lofty considering all that is going on between now and then.

In non-stitching news, our son Jake got baptized on Sunday. That was a HUGE event for us. J We are so proud of him and so pleased that he has made this most important of decisions so early in his life. That makes this Christmas even more special than usual for our family.

Let's talk books for a second.... I am reading/listening to "Dragonfly in Amber" by Diana Gabaldon at the moment. I am determined to re-read the entire Outlander series before reading the latest "Echo in the Bone." I am finding that I have forgotten a lot from the last time that I read them. I have a couple of Audible credits burning a hole in my pocket. Those of you that like to listen and stitch...recommend some of your favorites to me. I always enjoy seeing what other people are reading and what their favorite books are. :)

I haven’t been commenting as much on blogs lately as I usually do. I just haven’t had time, and I apologize to those of you that I normally comment on. I have been trying to keep up with reading and looking at your work as much as possible. I am hoping that after the holidays that I will have more time to update this blog as well as comment on yours. J I am constantly inspired by the amazing work that I see on your blogs and it motivates me to stitch all the more.

Have a great weekend ahead!



  1. Very lovely piece! I really need to stitch some more! I've been doing so much quilting and my stitching is lacking, for sure!

  2. So happy for Jake and the rest of the your family!

    And your Jenny Bean is looking very lovely!!

  3. Hi Kellie,

    Your JB Christmas piece is coming along nicely. I know this is a busy time of year for everyone so am in the same boat!

    BTW, I recently listened to "Blindspot" borrowed from the library. It's fairly recent, and it reminded me a lot of Outlander, minus the time travel.

    Take care. I hope to post in the next day or so!

  4. Your JB is looking wonderful. I have the Halloween one that I was thinking of starting soon.

  5. I'm working on JB Christmas now - you are much further than me! I finished the Halloween one last month - it was a fun piece to stitch.

  6. Your Jenny Bean is looking absolutely beautiful! I have missed your posts, but am glad you are back and things are good, you're just busy. This time of year is definitely hectic.
    Merry Christmas Kellie!!!

  7. Oh Kellie, I love this JB piece! I am thinking about it myself... I am like you though...CoHRH and SoHRH are calling my name~~ Merry Christmas to you and your family! Faye

  8. What a beautiful sampler, Kellie--I hadn't seen that one before! Had to google it to see the whole piece--it will be such fun to stitch the whole thing...

    Looks like we'll both be stitching CaHRH in 2010!

  9. All of us are so busy, Kellie, that it's amazing that we find even a minute to get online. It's a koo koo time of year.

    Love JB's Christmas Sampler. It looks like a fun stitch.

    My favorite of all the books I've listened to this year is The Help. It's done by the three best voices you can imagine, and the story is excellent. Give it a try.

  10. I love JB! It's gorgeous. My son was baptized this year, too. Good for Jake! Hope you have a happy Christmas. :)