Friday, January 29, 2010

What to stitch?

I am looking forward to a stitchy weekend, but so many things are calling to me that I don't know what to work on first. (warning...lots of pictures...)

I did finish a little quick LK design this week. I hope to finish/finish this one this weekend.

I am going to quit posting any intentions here. The minute I do, I no longer want to work on whatever I had in mind. LOL! I think in my last post, I wanted to finish an LHN ornament and Block 2 of CaHRH this week. Didn't happen. I have picked up, stitched a little, and put down a number of projects this week, including...

Quaker and Quilts

Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow

Mediterranean Mermaid
(started this last weekend)

There are several other things, in addition to those above, that are also "calling" to me...

Paradise Lost


Be Kind and Be True (a new start)

Decisions....decisions. Maybe I will just put some strands in all of them.

We are under a Winter Storm Warning right now. I love snow. I hope we get a big deep one this weekend. The mets here are forecasting 6+ inches. Jake is hoping to make a snowman and go sledding. He is eight. The deepest snow that he has experienced was about four inches when he was about four or five. I would love for him to get to have the fun of a really big snow this year. My dad recently refinished his sled that he had as a child and gave it to Jake. My dad is 65. The sled was given to him by his grandfather when he was six. So it is one of those neat, old time looking sleds with real metal runners and a wooden slat seat and steering mechanism. Jake can't wait to take it out in the snow, and that is exactly what Dad wants him to do with it... to enjoy it the same as he did when he was a boy and the same that my brother and I did when we were kids. Part of me hates to see it out in the snow, but the other part of me can't wait to get the pictures. I think I have a picture of my dad playing on that sled when he was little. I need to see if there are any pictures of me and my brother playing on the sled when we were kids. Wouldn't that make a great scrapbook page or look great in a frame that has a three photo spots? And I love the family history part of it... my son playing on a sled that came from his great, great grandfather.

Stay tuned... If we get a big snow, I will be posting snow pictures this weekend! :)

Have a good one!


  1. You know, that is the beauty of having so many projects - you can pick which one you feel like stitching. I have stopped saying I'm going to do something because the minute I saw something, I'm off in another direction!

    Take care in the snow. I almost envy you (well, actually I do). We've only had a few inches up in Michigan. It seems like the South is getting all our weather this year!!

  2. What great projects you have going!

    What a cool family heirloom! It would be great to have pictures of everyone that has used the sled and put them all together!

  3. The story of the sled is great. What a family heirloom to treasure!

    You have loads of great projects to choose from! Happy Stitching!

  4. The Quaker and Quilts is a great one. I have seen others working on it lately. It looks like a fun stitch. The Be Kind and Be True one looks good too. I really like a lot From With Thy Needle and Thread. I have seen the CaHRH in progress at the needlework shop. I am really considering starting on her HoHRH within a couple of months. Did you know that she is coming out with Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow? The lady at the needlework shop I go to told me about it. I can hardly wait to see it! We have snow here too, and more is promised on the way this weekend. They are calling for more toward the end of next week as well. The wind is making it really bad. Don't know if my son could stand to go out and sled with all that wind we have. Hope your son gets a chance to enjoy it. Have a great weekend!!

  5. We definitely have the same taste in stitching, Kellie! I stitched Be Mine Valentine last February and made it into a card for my mom. My second CaHRH is slowly coming along, but it sure is taking longer than I wanted it, too.

    I may be enabling you, but check out what I'm working on in my posting tomorrow--it sounds like it would be perfect to go along with your story of Jake and his grandfather's sled :)

  6. Love that sled story! It would be great to have a picture of each generation with the sled.

    Your projects look wonderful. I need to get my bucket in gear....I have not finished block one of CHRH and January is almost over. Pray for Mojo! (That is a Simpson's reference, in case you watch the show. If you don't then you will think I am nuts...)


  7. ooooh! That would make a FABULOUS scrapbook page. I hope your share the pictures of your dad and son together on the sled with us. How very special!

    You have so many wonderful projects! How could you possibly choose one?

  8. Wow, Kellie, so many wonderful WIP, I would have a hard time choosing which one to work on - they are all great!

    I am watching the news now, it looks like KY has gotten quite a bit. It is headed our way as I type (Virginia). They are calling for 9-12" - the South is not supposed to see this much snow, nor are we (the state) prepared for it.

    What a wonderful treasure from your dad - those old sleds are the best!

    Take care in all this snow.

  9. All of your projects are beautiful Kellie! You are making me want to get back to my PL now!! I'm going to concentrate on it when I get CaHRH finished, which will hopefully be soon! :)

  10. If you're taking votes, I say stitch a few strands in each in order of screaming loudest ;-). The sled sounds like one I had as a child - long gone... That would make a wonderful feature - surrounding the hanging sled when not in use!

  11. I agree with what Deb said--one of the beauties of having a lot of projects on the go is being able to choose what to work on. Or, pick from the stash and start something else new. The stitching police won't fine you for it. ;) Congrats on the finish!

    I hope you do get a big snow, for Jake's sake. What a neat treasure the sled is! I was just remembering the one that we had as kids, which sounds very similar. I'll have to see if my mother still has it and if I can some how get it in my suitcase and bring it back to Ireland next time I'm home. I figure it'd be a neat Christmas decoration, if nothing else! Have a good weekend, or what's left of it!

  12. What a great selection of projects you have Kellie. Hope your son gets to play on the sledge and you get your treasured photograph.

  13. What great projects!!!
    I love starting new projects, and even finish some that I start! LOL

    Thanks for the comment on my for the leg daughter was shocked that "I" wore legwarmers in my past!!! She laughed at the thought of it....sigh.....