Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day!

Here is the scene outside the window of my sitting/stitching room....

I love snow. I think it is so pretty, and I love to watch it falling. (I know some of you aren't feeling the love for the white stuff right now.. .especially my friends in the eastern part of the country who have experienced a blizzard with what seems continuous new snowfall). This particular snow fall has landed us a snow day from school/work and I am quite thrilled with that. We can't have too many more though... I want school to be out before June so that we can go to Disney as planned and not have to switch our dates around.

Still... what to do with this unexpected blissful day off? I think I will probably stitch and scrapbook and keep busy with crafty things. And I will probably fix a big pot of chili and some brownies as that just sounds yummy and perfectly appropriate for a day such as this.

I have been doing some stitching since I last posted. I started and finished a couple of Valentine smalls... (I even finished/finished them...) My goal is to eventually have enough smalls for each holiday/season to fill a wire basket that sits on my entryway table. I am a long way from it, but I am getting there.

I added a few more strands to Quakers and Quilts...

I started Be Kind and Be True (LOVING this one...It will probably see some stitching time from me today)

And I am continuing to stitch Paradise Lost...

I was doing so well on this one last night... making tons of progress on that bird tree... when I discovered a one stitch mistake in two of the leaves (I am not sure what to call them?) so basically I am in the process of frogging everything I stitched during my several hours of stitching/TV watching time. Grrrr....

I haven't stitched as much this week because I got a new "toy."

Michael and I joined the ranks of iPhone users... It has been so much fun to play with and figure out. I have been wanting one of these since they first came out. I wish there was a cross-stitching app. This is one area where there is not an "app for everything." I am wondering if it is possible to blog from it? Anyone know?

I am off to make a few phone calls, send a few texts, and see where the day goes from here. I am thinking that Be Kind is going to fly into my hands any minute....

Hope you are having a great day wherever you are... snowy or otherwise. :)


  1. Congrats on finishing your Valentines...your basket will look very sweet and welcoming :)

    Enjoy your snow day! Stay warm!

  2. OMG how wonderful is all this!? I wished we'd gotten our snow (passed us right over) I LOVE your smalls and also your Q&Q Chili and Brownies sounds wonderful--chocolate is great with spice!!

    Stay Warm,

  3. That's a great goal to have - to stitch enough smalls to fill the basket seasonally! You're doing great!

    Love the WIP's. What linen are you using for BK&BT?

    Ooooh, that snow looks beautiful...from inside! Stacy cozy!

  4. Lovely stitching! Congrats on the Valentine finishes. Sorry about the frogging! There's no way you could fudge it!? I hate it when that happens! Congrats on the iPhone--isn't it fun!? I don't know about blogging from it but I love checking my e-mail and so on. Enjoy the snow!

  5. Your V-day finishes look great. Congratulations on your new "toy"

    I really like your new piece you are working on Be kind be true I will have to go check this one out and maybe ass it to my list. I love the tree in this one :)

    Take care and enjoy your snow day!

  6. question? Be kind and be true who is the designer of this one?
    Thank you

  7. Wow, Kellie, you have been busy. I am definitely not feeling any love toward the snow - especially since more is falling today! Chili and brownies sounds like a wonderful meal, what time is dinner?

    Your Valentine's finishes are so sweet! I have lots of lovely patterns for Valentine's, but no time to stitch them (sigh).

    Nothing sends a WIP to the bottom of the pile quicker than a mistake - I hate having to rip x's out.

    Have fun with your iphone!

  8. Lovely smalls!

    I blog from my iPhone all the time...while laying in bed mostly! Just log into blogger.com as usual,and there you go. To write a post you have to click on the edit HTML tag above the post body to bring up your keyboard. That's the only thing that's different. My husband's phone was stolen from his desk at work last week, and he is very very sad. Did you know they are $600 to replace? Yeah, no discount even though we are in a contract and the phone is less than six months old.

    Enjoy all that gorgeous snow. :)

  9. I think that your smalls are just wonderful. I like the idea of having a basket full of them. Your WIPs are looking wonderful too!

  10. Everything looks lovely! I just started making smalls this past year and am slowly getting better at it! Love the idea of a seasonal smalls basket!

    Our second big snow is set to start later today......I'll be not frogging, but digging........again.

  11. Oh, you lucky girl! I've been waiting for a snow day or three out here. Have a great time with all of your projects.

  12. I love all your projects--ALL of them. AND your iphone--probably what I'll get next--right now I have the bare basic phone--no camera, no email, no nothin', so it's time to upgrade!

    As for the snow, well, I'm on day three off work, and while the logistics are aggravating, the roads bad and we just went major grocery shopping yet again, I'm grateful for all the stitchy time. Hope you don't have to work until July, though--that's what we're headed for in the schools here!

  13. Congratulations on your Valentines finishes! You're making great progress on Q&Q and PL as well.

    I've been eyeing the IPhone but may have to transfer phone companies. TMobile does not offer the phone and I hear that I'd have to do something to the phone and invalidate the warranty to keep my service with them. I'm almost afraid that if I got one, I'd spend too much time on it!

  14. Wouldn't it be fun to have lots of apps for needleworkers!!! I'd love to find one that would help organize my stash!!! The only one that I have found so far for stitchers is called "Suzy's Portable Stitches". If you are a needlepointer or like speciality stitches - this one would be for you! Enjoy your iPhone - I love mine!

  15. Your snow day sounds wonderful, Kellie! Our schools have been closed since Friday because of the massive amount of snow we've received! By the end of the day, the total for only 4 days of snowfall should be around 30 inches--just crazy!

    Your small finishes are so cute! Sorry to hear about the mistakes and all the frogging they will entail--UGH!!

    Stay warm :)

  16. Wow, you have some amazing WIP's! I love Q&Q (such a pretty piece!) and Paradise Lost. They are such wonderful pieces! I am relatively new to your blog and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to more progress pics!


  17. Adorable pillows Staci! Your wips are all so pretty too! Love the new iPhone. I really want one - maybe one day? Enjoy it!

  18. Great finishes!!
    We've been fortunate in now getting a lot of snow this year, can't say that about last year though!
    Sorry you had to frog...I hate when that happens!!
    Take care

  19. Ohhh....wonderful projects. Love all of them. Paradise lost is a chart I'm drooling over since a while... Quaker and Quilts is another one that just made it onto my wish list. SO lovely.

  20. Love your smalls and having enough for a wire basket is a great idea. I'd love to have that also. Cool Iphone!!!

  21. Hi Kellie! Long time, no talk. Sorry. A lot of things going on. I can't find your email address. Mine has changed as has my blog address to; www.octobereves.wordpress.com
    My new email address is jlin1975@att.net
    Please email me. I found the Autumn row patterns and want to mail them to you. You don't have to stitch them any time soon. I hope you're surviving winter