Friday, May 21, 2010

Show and Tell

I finished Valentine Rose last weekend. These are small designs, but detailed with quite a few colors. They are taking me awhile to stitch. I read on the Blackbird Designs blog that they are thinking about releasing the bonus design that is placed between #2 and #3 early so that those of us stitching this series on one piece of fabric would not have that empty space hanging out until October. I am really hoping that they decide in favor of this idea. I am putting this piece on hold for awhile in hopes that this happens. I was dreading trying to get the space between #2 and #3 counted correctly. Knowing me, I would have counted it ten times and still messed up.

Now I am back to working on CaHRH block 4. At the beginning of the year, my goal was to stitch one block a month and finish this in December. I am behind, of course. I am thinking that I might work on this one pretty steadily and just get it done. I love it. I would love to have it hanging in time for Christmas this year.

Found this cute little fella last weekend. There is a quaint little town called Glendale that is very close to where we live. They were having a spring festival there this past weekend, which we went to. It was fun. I got a few odds and ends from the booths, but found this little guy in The Village Shop. He is supposed to go in a garden, I think, but he is going to hang out in my sitting room/stitching room for awhile. They had several styles to choose from, but this one on the skateboard caught my eye. Isn’t he cute! Hopefully he will have fun on that skateboard and not find his way to my current project. LOL!

I have been doing some major stashing. I am still trying to complete my collection of Carriage House Samplings designs that I "have" to have before they are no longer available.

Miss Lila's House, Hearts and Flowers, My Hometown, Quaker Stocking, Primitive Stocking, Quaker Study, Black Willow Farm, Fredericka, A Haunting Mermaid, A Weeping and A Blessing, Folk Art Pincushions, and BBD Anniversaries of the Heart #4 Pink Hill Manor

If you like CHS, what are your favorites? (In another words, enable me so that I can make sure I am not missing something fantastic that I will later regret not buying and end up paying way too much for on the Bay of Evil. LOL!)

I also lucked into some Birds of a Feather designs that I have been wanting from the Stitchin' Post (gotta love that name!) in Nashville. I enjoy shopping there when I am in that area. They are also online and do call in/mail order. These are Memories of Christmas, Christmas Angel Ornaments, French Lesson, and Halloween Icons. Somehow this particular shop lucked into several OOP charts including these BOAF. I called the shop hoping that they would also have Joyous Christmas as I have been searching for that one forever, but no luck. I am not complaining... I am thrilled about these!

Five days of school left!!!! This time next week, I will be telling all my little people to have a great summer, and getting ready to enjoy a great summer myself. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I love both WIPs! Beautiful! And that frog! OMG! It's wonderful! I would keep it in the house too. :D My son doesn't get out of school till the middle of June, and he has exams till the end of June. Very different schedule!

  2. I love both of your pieces. I know that a few people are like you and don't want to mess up counting the spaces in between the designs on the BBD piece. I think that it was even mentioned on the BBD blog about releasing it early. I know I would have trouble with making sure that I counted right.

    Wow, only five more days! My kids don't get out until June 18th.

  3. are going to have so much fun with your new stash! I have been stocking up too....just too many to choose from.

    Love your BBD...think I need to invest in these too.

  4. Your WIP is gorgeous! I'd want the mid section too - that's way too much to count across if you ask me! Love all your new stash - especially the BOAF angel ornies - I've wanted those forever - I even called the shop but you got the only one - lucky girl! I did pick up a couple of others though.

    My son doesn't get done till mid June - seems like forever!

  5. I am drooling over your stash! I still have some CHS charts to buy- I have spent way too much money lately! Your HRH is looking great. I can't wait to start mine (still waiting on silks to come in). I'm sure you can finish before Christmas. :)

  6. Look at you! Great job on your blackbird piece. I too feel the same about that GIANT space :)

  7. All of your WIPs are looking great, Kellie. It is so nice that you'll have the summer off and you'll be able to spend more time with your stitching.

    Love Mr. Frog--hope he doesn't skate into your home with his fellow (cross stitch-type) frogs!!...

    Enjoy your last week of school--I'm sure you're as excited as the kids are :)

  8. Wonderful stitching Kellie!

    How wonderful you lucked out on those BOAF oop charts!

  9. I love your WIPs!! Great job. I would keep the frog out of your stitching room... or maybe having him in there will ward off frogs of the stitching kind. ;)

  10. OOh; How pretty is valentine garden!?

    For CHS, the ones I want most are the Freds, that compilation of magazine seasonal spot illustrations (I think they were for Sat Evening Post) and Shores. I probably won't get around to more than the Freds, though. I already have Hearts and Flowers. :)

    What a great BoaF haul! :D The Frog also is a cute stitching room addition. :D

  11. Wow, you have a some great projects there. Keep going so you can start on some of the new stash that you've been collecting. I think everyone is doing the same thing with CHS. Cute frog.

  12. Valentine Rose looks wonderful! You've done some really great stash building lately. I have a couple of CHS charts to buy. I guess I'd better get busy!

  13. Your valentine rose is beautiful.
    I think I will get that chart after seeing how lovely it turns out

  14. Hey Kellie I visited your castle this, you sure are the Queen of stash.
    Your wips are looking fab and that frog is just adorable. Hugs.

  15. You Valentine Rose looks great! I can certainly understand waiting to see if that other chart is released. I'd probably count wrong too lol

    Your CaHRH is looking wonderful! Well done!

    Congratulations on the stash enhancement, those are some beautiful charts!

  16. love your BBD WIP - I've been inspired to order all 4 of them and get started on one piece of linen. My Hometown is one of my fave CHS charts if you dont' already have it.Shores is my fave HRH but I see you've stashed that one. Gotta love those BOAF charts - I really miss their linen - it was awesome. Melody

  17. Dear Kellie, What gorgeous WIPs you have going. They are just fabulous and so beautifully stitched. You're awesome!!! Now, I just want to know if that froggieman is going to ward off or bring on the stitching frog goblins???? :P I adore him. Does he have any friends???