Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY

It has rained all weekend long. We have had a lot of flash flooding. This was the scene across from our church this morning. This is normally a very grassy pretty park and sod farm. I am starting to wonder about the status of school tomorrow. I am sure we will make every attempt to get there because our state testing starts tomorrow, but there are a lot of people locally whose roads are impassable and are closed.

The rain has given me a lot of time to stitch. While I haven't done all of this over the rainy weekend, this is what I have been up to since the last time I posted....

Love, love, love the colors on Sarah Woodham. This is a fun one to stitch. I think this is probably the first reproduction that I have attempted. I can see why people like to stitch them. :) I am debating though if I want to stitch mine exactly as charted. I am not too crazy about those s's that look like f's, even though I know that is true of the time period. We'll see. I haven't decided for sure what I will do yet. (Please pardon the very crooked photo and wrinkly fabric... I am taking pictures in a hurry tonight).

Rather than banishing Snow Garden to the bottom of the WIP pile as I threatened, I did frog out the border and have recently picked it back up and have started working on it again. The release of #3 has prompted me on as well.

A little more on Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow...
I did not make my self-imposed goal of block 4 being finished by the end of April, but I did work on it some. I will try to double up in May and finish this block and block 5.

I want to thank sweet Jolene for a couple of reasons. She recently nominated me for an award that I have not mentioned here yet. Thank you, Jolene, for the Sweet Friends award.

I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy. I love making lists like this, so that in itself makes me happy. LOL!!

1. My salvation and faith in Jesus Christ
2. My family... I have the best husband and best son that a girl could ever hope to have.
3. My extended family... my parents, my brother and SIL, and hubby's parents and brother and family
4. Friendships, both in real life and the friends that I have made through blogging
5. Stitching, especially starting and stashing :)
6. Music
7. Reading good books
8. Traveling
9. My home
10. Chocolate

I am supposed to nominate others, but I am going to nominate everyone who takes the time to stop by here and read my drivel. Consider yourself doubly nominated if you take the time to comment. LOL!

I also want to thank Jolene for the sweet gift that I received in the mail on the day before my birthday. She sent me a very sweet card with the BBD Bluebird chart enclosed. I was so surprised. It was so unexpected and undeserved, and she totally made my week. Jolene, you are so sweet and kind, and I appreciate more than you know, that you thought of me. :) I did not have this design, and can't wait to stitch it!! (See #5 on my happiness list and expect a new start pic soon. LOL!)

My blog has been sadly neglected lately. School is wrapping up for the year (19 days left, not that I am counting or anything...). This is one of my busiest times of the school year. Between state testing, end of year grade reporting and wrap up, and scheduling for next year for two elementary schools, I am wiped out by the end of the day. Not that I am complaining... I am grateful for the job that I have, the kids whose lives I get to be a part of... But I am looking forward to those two most blissful words in the English language... "Summer Break."

Have a good one. Hope you are staying dry wherever you may be.


  1. Your snow garden looks great. I really need to get mine out again too. I made a mistake in the border, but I REFUSE to frog. I'm going to make it work.

  2. I love your WIPs! They're all wonderful, and all ones I either want to stitch or have stitched. Good taste! :D I hope the rains have stopped and school isn't cancelled. I didn't realize how bad the flooding was there. Good luck!

  3. SW is looking wonderful, as is Snow Garden. I always stick with the charted letters, even if I don't like them, because I worry about screwing up. Best of luck with the rain and the remaining days of school!

  4. That water looks wicked. I hope that it recedes soon.

    My sister is a teacher too. The beginning and ending of school are always very stressful for her. Thank you for being a teacher - it takes a very special person.

  5. Beautiful stitching! I especially love SG, which I'd love to make sometime. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Kellie (when was it?) I hope your day was wonderful!

    Love your progress on Sarah - she is in my stash and I am sure I will get to her one day. I like Snow Garden and C@HRH as well. Even though it has given you stitching time, I hope the rains let up soon!

    It sounds like I will get out a little before you - we only have 10 days of school left. Lots of work between now and then end (sigh).

    Have a great week, Kellie!

  7. Kellie, your Sarah looks wonderful! I hope to stitch mine this year!

    Wow, Summer Break! Two of the sweetest words! Hang in there with the busy work. at least relief is in sight!

    ps I hope you get better weather soon!

  8. Great progress on all your stitching!

    Hope the rain has gone away now, those flash floods cause so much damage. We were promised a sunny Bank Holiday today, but it's not very warm and raining on and off, just your typical UK Bank Holiday really!!

  9. Beautiful progress on all your wips Kellie! I really need to get back to Sarah and AoTH. Hope the water recedes soon - stay safe!!

  10. Love all your WIPS, Sarah is gorgeous and the BBD AotH series is so sweet.

    Hope it stops raining and the waters recede.

  11. Lovely stitching!

    Stay safe and dry!

  12. Your Sarah looks great!! All your projects look wonderful, actually. What a nice gift Jolene sent you. I have to ask about your HRH...are you using silk or cotton floss? I can't decide if I want to splurge on the silk since it's so expensive, but with all the time spent on these I wonder if I should go ahead and get the silk. Thoughts?

  13. I love Sarah Woodham, but I lack the ambition to start something so BIG, so I will admire watching your progress. WooHoo for summer break, it will be here before you know it, you are so lucky!!!! We have had such crazy weather this year...rain, snow, sunshine, 70 degree weather one day and snow the next....where has Mr. Sun been hiding? I think we are all ready for some real spring weather. Am I complaining......yes, sorry!!! Enjoy your last days of school! Smiles....

  14. Oh my gosh, all that rain! Yikes. At least it provides you with the chance to stitch. Love your progress on your WIPs!