Monday, July 5, 2010


Creative blog titles are alluding me today....

My new found love of knitting has seriously impinged on my stitching time lately. I am sure it will balance back out eventually.

I have discovered that collecting yarn and knitting paraphernalia is just as much fun as stashing stitching stuff.

I have made a few rookie projects. (Don't look too closely... they are definitely beginner projects and have mistakes).

My first knitting class project was a shortrow watch cap. I actually made two but the first one was quickly adopted by Jake and seems to have disappeared.... It looks just like this one except it is orange.

A dishcloth for my aunt in Texas who celebrates a birthday tomorrow....

A pom pom scarf with a fun yarn called Pomp a Doodle. This knits up very fast...

And a Wedding Washcloth and a Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth...

My next project for my knitting class is another shortrow watch cap except this one will have a cabled brim. I have started it and ripped it out about five times so far. I do fine with the cables, but seem to get in a hurry in the other parts of it and end up messing up.

My next goal is to learn to knit socks and to make a felted bag. I am loving knitting, I tell ya. :)

I have done some stitching. Right now, I am working on the BBD Anniversaries of the Heart piece. I am on the third one (can't think of the name right now...). I decided to suck it up and do the counting between the second and third design. I counted a dozen times. I hope I have done it correctly....

I am thinking I might start LHN's Simple Joys after this. I have it kitted and ready to go.

Here are some of my favorite flowers in my yard that are in bloom. My husband Michael is the green thumb of the family. If it were left to me, we would be lucky to have grass growing in the yard.

Black Eyed Susans and Coneflowers...

Stargazer Lillies (probably my most favorite flower....)

Scout enjoying the shady front porch...

That's it for today....
Have a good one. :)


  1. OOoooh, love all that luscious looking yarn! I know the feeling -- I've been way distracted from stitching lately. It's nice to have multiple crafts to do though, isn't it? I love all your knitty projects! And your AotH is wonderful too! I really want to get to that sometime. You're lucky your hubby is into gardening. Such beautiful flowers!!

  2. Nice yarn and projects! I knit also--got into it about 10 years ago--and seeing all you knitters and your projects is having a nudge effect on me. I'm thinking about that nice cable stitch afghan on my needles for oh...5 years now? Not touched in about 4. And as with x-stitch, there's a whole 'nother world of stash to buy for knitting. My new job has a yarn store nearby where I might just sign up for some classes.

    Your BBD is lovely--and I would have been scared to count over that far!

  3. Your flowers are just gorgeous, and your sweet kitty is so cute!!

    I learned how to knit for ONLY one reason.....dishcloths!!!
    I don't want to know how to knit anything else. HA!
    Your knitting is beautiful though, I am envious that I didn't stick with it.

  4. Oh your kitty looks so cute there!

    Yes, collecting is half the fun! I think you are doing great with all those knitting projects!

    I love stargazer lilies too!

  5. Stash of any kind is so much fun and inspiring. You're doing really well with the knitting projects.

    Counting over that much scares me. But then again, sometimes I find counting to 6 a big challenge.

  6. Wow! Your knitting projects look wonderful, Kellie. I have no idea at all how to knit, so I always admire those of you who can! And your BBD WIP looks like such fun...

    Thanks for your pretty flower and sweet kitty photos--love them all :)

    Hope you're enjoying your summer break--try to stay cool with this crazy heat wave!!

  7. Kellie all your knitting pieces look fab, love the pom pom scarf.
    Your BBD wip is very pretty and hubbys flowers are gorgeous.
    Happy knitting & stitching!

  8. Oh, wow! What great knitting! I recently learned a bit, but can't make more than a dishcloth, or a square that curls! lol!

    I think that 3rd BBD is "A Wish For You"(?). I'll cross my fingers with you on the counting, but I'll bet you're fine! Love the kitty pic and glad you had a good time on vacation!

  9. Your work looks beautiful as does your flowers

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I will have a Giveaway soon ;)

    Take Care

  11. I think that all of us go back and forth with our crafting. I think that you knitting is wonderful - don't see any mistakes there. And your stitching is wonderful too!

  12. I love to knit and am glad you are discovering it - it's good to break over to something else where stitching tires you. I love your AoTH - I have that going too but started late and am still working on the winter one and I find those colors very hard to see. Your flowers are beautiful -coneflowers oooooo - Ilove them - Mel

  13. Beautiful yarn!! I wish I was more adept at knitting & crocheting because I could seriously be a yarn junkie. Luckily my older daughter loves to knit so I'm hoping to get some nice stuff from her. ;) I think your two handwork loves will work themselves out in the end, and you should just go with what you enjoy the most. AotH looks great! I'm nearly done with the third house but messed up on the windows, ripped out my mistake, and then restitched the same mistake in. Yeah. :P Love the flowers!