Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's good to be Queen!

Check out my new project bag. Fits me to a tee... I know I share my unfinished project kingdom and crown with many of you. That's okay... It's a good sorority to be in. :)

My first finish of the year is actually a knitting finish. I finished a scarf last week. I had started this scarf during the really long dress rehearsals of our church Christmas play last month. I put it to the side for awhile and then picked it back up to finish.

Brisbane scarf--free pattern here
Lion Brand Hometown Yarn 3 skeins
Color: Tampa Spice
Needles: Size 13

I cast on a new scarf. This is the "Sinful" ribbed scarf. I'm using KnitPicks Capra in Celestial for this. I love this yarn! It's so soft. I will definitely be using this yarn again.

I also have a new pair of socks on the needles... Monkey in KP Stroll Tonal Gypsy.

Now on the stitching front...

I started Her Sampler on New Years Day and finished the border and a little of the alphabet before putting it aside. I will pick it back up again because I love the design but I got a little bored with all of the green.

I'm stitching on Paradise Lost again. I'm wanting to get this finished, framed, and hanging on my wall. It has languished in the WIP pile for too long.

(sorry for the sideways photo... I'm blogging from my phone).

I'm thinking a hot cup of decaf tea and some time in stitching paradise sounds like a good way to end the evening.

Enjoy your evening or morning... Depending on where you are. :)


  1. Love the bag! Perfect! And you've been very busy on all your needles!

  2. Great project bag!! I love those scarves you made/are making! And the socks too. Love your new start and your Paradise Lost too. You have to finish that one -- you're almost there!

  3. The progress on your sideways photo looks great - lol
    Your stitching bag is awesome :)

  4. Love your tote bag! could you post its origin? thanks Beth N.

  5. Great bag Kellie and love all your knitting pieces.
    The wip looks real pretty too.

  6. Love the bag!! Very cute. Your knitting is GORGEOUS!! Great job on the stitching WIPs, too. Everytime I see Her Sampler, I kick myself for not adding it to my list of Crazy 15 starts!

  7. Kellie, wow! Love your knitted projects, they are truly gorgeous!!

    I am also working on Her Sampler...I have spent more time frogging that then I do much larger projects. I have done so much I think I could have stitched her three times already! lol But it won't be long now, I too really love that little ditty of a project. Great tote bag and that definitely speaks for many of us!

  8. another Paradise Lost!
    Love the mug!!!

  9. Ok I seriously need that project bag! LOL!! Love your pretty scarves and your PL is looking fabulous too!