Saturday, June 6, 2009


I have been doing some stashing in recent weeks that I thought I would share. 

First, is Quakers and Quilts by Rosewood Manor. I have been wanting this design since it first came out. I finally ordered it and the little balls of Valdani floss that go with it. I think I am going to stitch this on one of my favorite fabrics, Silkweaver Purely Primitive.

A few other charts....Snow White Sampler by Willow Hill Samplings, The Simple Things by Blackbird Designs, and Oh Mother Dear by the Sampler Girl. 

I found this cute design in Elizabeth's Garden Etsy Shop.
It is called My Cat's Quilt.

A few other "finds"...
mesh bags from Down Sunshine Lane
(she has great prices on these if you are in need of any...), some fabric from Hobby Lobby, and a magnifying stitch thing that I am not sure I will like, but could not turn down for the low clearanced price of $4. 

And last, but not least, I am hoping to turn this into a very simple crocheted throw. I am just learning how to crochet, so I am not sure how it will turn out, but I love this soft colorful cotton yarn. :)

Not much happening on the stitching front so far this weekend as I have been doing more crocheting than cross stitching. I did start a little LHN Saltbox thread pack that I hope to finish up this weekend. I will post pictures when I have it finished as it isn't much to look at right now. I also pulled out some WIPs that haven't seen the light of day for a very long time that I would like to put a few strands in before relegating them back to the WIP pile. I will share those as I work on them too.

Hope you are having a great weekend wherever you may be. It is a sunny mild 77 degrees here today....very unusual for June in Kentucky, but I am not complaining. :) 

Happy Stitching,


  1. Lovely stash! Don't you just love those perfect little Valdani balls of thread? I've seen it stitched IRL and just loved it.

    I like the crochet yarn as well. I have never had any luck at teaching myself to crochet decently. I can knit--mostly self-taught--and of course needlework and sew, but something just doesn't click in the crochet department.

  2. What lovely stashing!! You have great taste in projects. :)

    I'll enjoy watching your crochet progress. I learned a few years ago & have already forgotten... but would love to do it again at some point. I never got the hang of making it easy, I think because I'm right handed & my teacher was left handed, but I dream of beautiful afghans draped casually over my sofa. ;)

  3. Great stash!I saw a box of Valdani balls of thread in a quilt store but thought they were used for quilting. I'd love to see your stitching with these threads.

    Catching up on your posts, the BBD Blessings is great. I have had it kitted but haven't gotten around to it! And I have read all of Cecelia Ahern's books and really enjoy them too.

  4. Those Valdani threads look absolutely gorgeous. I think you crocheted piece will look wonderful with those yarns. And great stash. Looks like you're going to be busy for a long time - that's a good thing!