Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Breezes and Baskets

I have another finish to show off. I completed Summer Breeze on Thursday. For some reason, the swan motif in the upper portion of the sampler threw me for a loop. I had to frog something different in that motif several times. But it is finished and going to be put into the "need to be finished finished" pile. I am not sure what I want to do with this one. Maybe framed for an easel on the foyer table during the summer months.

Prairie Schooler Summer Breeze
32 ct. Lambswool
DMC threads
Started ?? 2008
Finished 6/11/09

I made a basket today. Our local homemakers extension office sponsored a basket-making workshop with Martha Wetherbee today. From what very little I know about baskets and basket weavers, apparently Martha Wetherbee is like one of the rock stars of basketry. I was certainly impressed by her knowledge and skill, and how well she was able to teach a room full of rookie basket weavers to make this sweet Lincoln Bicentennial Basket. The lid of the basket has a piece of the Boundary Oak from Lincoln's birthplace inlaid into the top of the basket with two of the first newly released Kentucky Lincoln pennies inlaid into the boundary oak (one penny is on top of the lid and one is on the inside). I won't bore you with all of the historical details I learned today about baskets, Abraham Lincoln, pennies, and indigenous wood, (although I found it fascinating!) but I will say in short, that I learned a lot and was really excited to have had the opportunity to attend this workshop. Okay, I will bore you with one little detail...the interwoven reeds on the basket are called "stitches"...just when you thought this part of the post had nothing to do with stitching! :) It was a lot of fun. I would really like to take more workshops with Martha and her husband Alan and make both Shaker baskets and Nantucket baskets.

I am not sure what I will stitch next. After a finish, I get restless for a few days and work on something different every five minutes (okay, not really, but it seems like I am switching projects every five minutes). It takes me a while to find a groove again. I have worked on CHS Molly and CEC Summer Place this week, but not enough progress to show either. I am debating between working on a WIP or pulling out something new tonight. Decisions, decisions! LOL!

Hope you are having a great weekend!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Oh, Summer Breeze looks great! Just perfect for the season! I love that basket you made. I hope we don't lose those skills and it's nice to know that these skills are being taught. I'd love to take a class!

    Having fun selecting your project. I'm sure you have a few things to choose from!

  2. 2 beautiful finishes!! Congrats!!

  3. That is a great PS finish! I like your easel idea.

    What a cool basket! Holy looks professionally done! Yes, please do take more classes so we can see what else you get to make. Wish they had those classes in my area.

  4. Kellie - I love, love, love your PS finish. I think that it would be great on an easel in your foyer during the summer months. I need to stitch one of these soon. And I covet that basket that you made. How wonderful to learn something like that. Yours looks professional. I'm sure that you're just thrilled with it!

  5. Oooh, I love your Summer Breeze! What a neat idea to put it on an easel in your foyer. I have wanted to do the monthly PS designs but don't do enough seasonal stitching mainly because I worry about where I'd display it. I don't know why I never thought of the easel!! Thanks for the tip.

    Your basket is so neat! What a cool bit of history, too. I love that sort of thing.

    Hope you're able to settle on a project soon. I'm EXACTLY the same way; it takes me awhile to get stuck back into a project after finishing one.

  6. Summer Breeze is FANTASTIC! And I like your idea of framing and putting it on a easel for the fact, I had the idea to do that *someday* too! :)
    Your Basket...PHENOMENAL!!! I once made a basket in Ohio at the Longaberger Plant...Loved every minute of it!

  7. That is a great PS finish, congrats. And the basket is a beauty - thats one thing I have always wanted to learn how to do.

  8. Oh wow!!!!!! Your Summer Breeze is just heavenly! and that basket!!!!! Wow! I am impressed. It looks absolutely perfect and I loved reading all about the facts.

  9. That basket is incredible. I would certainly be hooked on that kind of stitching if I learned how. Its just gorgeous.
    Congratulations on finishing your PS piece also, I love that one, so pretty. 2 beautiful finishes for you. xoxo

  10. Wow great finish and I love your basket - too cool! xx

  11. Hi Kellie! Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I've started Summer Breeze 3x! I didn't like the fabric. Its on 18 ct aida. I stitched three PS garden samplers on aida a couple of years ago and I want to stitch more of her samplers on the same type fabric and switch them with the garden samplers during certain times of the year. I haven't gotten very far, but I'm hoping with tomorrows stitch in at Picture This Plus to get more done.
    I don't think I see a picture of This is the Day piece. Hope you'll share a picture soon. My friend has nearly EVERY single JCS issue and I may have to borrow that issue!

  12. Summer Breeze looks wonderful:-)
    Congrats on your finish!