Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some progress...

I have made a couple of new starts that I don't think I have shared here yet. One of them is Bent Creek's Big Zipper. Wow, is this thing big. I had no idea how big. The fabric is a whopping 24" x 24". I have yet to find a way to comfortably stitch it. I have been stitching it in hand. I have tried Q-snaps in several configurations and have decided that in hand is more comfortable than the Q-snaps. I thought about using scroll rods, but I have never used them, and I hate to invest in something I may not like for one project. I love the design. I love the great big stitches (it is an 18 ct. stitched over 2). And I am going to love it when it is finished. It is just one that I will have to work on a little at a time.

Please excuse all the wrinkles in my photos today. I am too lazy to iron them today.

I have also started stitching Plum Street Sampler's Bird in the Bower. I am really having fun stitching this. I love everything about it...the funky trees, the bird, the saltbox house, the bunny, the tulips, the NPI threads, and the fabric I chose. I am stitching it on 32 ct. Vintage Autumn Fields by Zwiegart. I have not used this linen before, but I can quickly see it becoming a favorite. Unfortunately, I am having a very hard time finding it. Most of the ONS and LNS that I have been to do not have it in stock and they are not having any luck getting it from Zwiegart. I lucked in to a couple of pieces from Drema at Needlecraft Corner, but have not been able to find anymore. I am going to try to contact Zwiegart and see if I can get some help there.

(whew...I will iron next time...these look terrible!)

I am off to check on DS. He's in another room watching TV. He slipped in the dining room today and hit his back on the dining chair. I think he is okay, but I am keeping an eye on it. He is going to have a pretty big bruise, I think.

Hope you are having a great weekend!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Kellie, I hope DS is OK! Bless his heart!!
    Love both your wips!! BEAUTIFUL progress!!!

  2. I've seen the Big Zipper stitched and framed, and it is stunning! Also, as you say, huge! I think Bird in the Bower is a cutie, and what a relief that it's not so large.

    Poor DS--hope he's ok.

  3. Poor guy, hope he's feeling okay!

    Love your starts. Your Big Zipper is gorgeous, I will enjoy watching your progress :-).

  4. I like Bird in the Bower as well. However, I have to stitch Morning Bird first!

    As to Autumn Field I have a piece that I bought from Homespun Sampler so you might want to try Linda for that.

    Hope your little guy feels better soon.

  5. Oh these are both great, Kellie!!

    Not to give myself a plug or anything, but I am able to usually get the Autumn Fields in. If you continue to have trouble, email me and I will check and make sure my distributor has it in stock. It is by far one of my favorite linens!

  6. Ouch! Hope DS isn't left with too big of a bruise.
    I am in the same boat as you...trying to figure out a comfortable way to stitch. I'm using a scroll rod for a big piece I'm currently stitching and I haven't been able to find a way to hold it comfortably. I don't like using Q-snaps or hoops so I've been stitching in hand.
    Love your work!

  7. Great starts.

    Hope your son is ok ... he sounds like me!

  8. Oh, poor DH. That slip sounds nasty. Hope he's fine and the worse that comes out of it is a bruise. Both your WIPS are great!

  9. I hope your son is okay!

    Love your progress on both projects. I want to do Bird in the Bower, too. I hope you're having a good summer!