Saturday, July 25, 2009

So many many problems!

I can't believe that my summer break is almost over. It seems that the summers get shorter every year. I have one more week off, and then school starts back full force. I am not looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong...I am very thankful to have employment, especially in these tough times when so many are losing their jobs. I just really love my time at home, with very little routine and low stress. One school starts back, things get busy and hectic--not only with my job, but also with Jake's homework and little league football, and with Michael's football season. He is a varsity coach who LIVES football from July to December. I feel like a single parent for six months out of the year. I think he has been coaching for eighteen years. I have been with him for at least fourteen of those seasons...the novelty of it wore off for me a long time ago. LOL! But I digress...

Enough school talk...on to stitching!!

I have run into a couple of roadblocks this week. I finally broke down and bought all the silks for Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I have been admiring this on so many blogs Siobhan's and Debbie's. The silks came in the mail this week, but I was determined to finish Bird in the Bower first. You can see how far I got before I ran out of one of the NPIs...grrrr!!
I have an "e", a small flower, and "2009" to add, and it will be finished. I am placing an order with Needlecraft Corner today.

So when I ran out of silk, I started Shores... I have had the pattern and the fabric for some time. However, when I ordered fabric, I mistakenly ordered the 36 ct. instead of the 40 ct. I forged ahead with the 36 ct. I am stitching it with one thread over two, and I am not sure if I am going to like the coverage. I contacted Needlecraft Corner to see about getting the 40 ct. She responded that she didn't have it in stock, and she could order it, but the last time she ordered it for someone it took 3 months to get it. Sheesh. I don't really want to wait that long... so either I am going to have to be happy with the coverage of one thread, or frog what I have done and use two threads (and I really don't want to buy double the amount of silk for this), or try to find someone who has the 40 ct. and start over. I am thinking I am going to be happy with the 36 ct. with one thread and be done. After putting it away in frustration two nights ago, I pulled it back out again today, and it seems better to me now than it did then. Any thoughts/opinions?

While wallowing in my frustration over both of these projects, I pulled out Rosewood Manor's Quakers and Quilts, and I have stitched almost all of the first page. This is the first time I have used Valdani threads, and I really like them. I like the subtle variation and the rich colors.

I think Picture This Plus is having a sale on fabrics today. I am off to check that out, fix Jake some lunch, and hope to get a little stitching in before my niece's birthday party this afternoon. I am either going to work on Q&Q or pull out Molly (who has been calling loudly the last day or so). Still trying to make a decision on Shores before I put any more stitches in it.

Hope that all of you have a lovely weekend with lots of stitching!


Edited to add: I meant to write this in my original post, but forgot...I had told Jan that I would post about her giveaway at her blog. Forgive me, Jan, for being remiss.
If you have not done so already, please check out Jan's fabulous giveaway at her blog, Belfonte Notes that she is doing in celebration of her new baby granddaughter. What a wonderful way to celebrate a new life. :)


  1. Wow, I can't believe your school starts back so soon! It seems like summer just started. I swear, the older I get, the faster the time goes. LOL

    I think your WIPs look great. IMHO, I think NPIs on 36 ct are great, especially once they're stretched for framing. I'm using the 36 ct and am happy with the coverage. I think the NPIs are plump enough that the coverage is good, but you need to go with what works best for you.

  2. I think that that your stitching looks great! I have shores started too...but with DMCs. I love the look of your silks...very very pretty!

    I'm also dreading going back to school/work! I'm trying to get my teaching cert this summer, and that has made for an even shorter summer :(

  3. I think the 36 ct would be fine, but that said, I recently abandoned a very large project (no--2 large projects) because I just wasn't happy with the coverage--seeing the fabric through the thread bugs me on mine. I enlarged your picture, and if it were mine, it'd be a hard call. I think 2 threads might be too much. If it's going to nag at you, then I say, abandon ship before you get any further. And if you're doing it on the recommended fabric, you may want to try Attic Needlework--they seem to get shipments in weekly of the Lakeside, so I've never waited more than a week--although perhaps I've just been lucky?

  4. I am surprised too that school starts so soon for you. I thought it would be September as it is here. I bet you wish it was the same too. Lots of stitching etc to cram into one last week!

    I like Birds in a Bower. I'm sure it will feel nice to get that done. The Quaker & Quilts is new to me and it looks v pretty. As to Shores, that's a new one for me and there are a lot more stitchers with great experience with it.

  5. It's so hard to give up our free time and a semi-relaxed routine. *sigh* At least you're seeing a positive side -- about being employed. Well, enjoy your last week off. :)

    I like the coverage on the 36 count for Shores but if it bothers you, then stop now before you invest much more time into it. I LOVE your fabric pretty!

  6. Good Morning! I can't believe that summer is almost over, though I'm a bit glad. Schools here start 13 and the 18 of August.

    I have a friend whose husband coaches college football and she can relate. All the household, child responsibilities fall to her. Even yard work!

    Did you get anything from the PTP sale? I picked up several pieces of fabric, no threads though.

    Sorry, I have no opinion about the shores piece. I think you have to go with what makes you most happy and if its waiting three months for fabric, I'd do so. Three months isn't long and you'll be busy. Otherwise, you'll always be sorry you hadn't waited for the 40 ct.

    Oh it stinks when you're so close to done on a piece and run out of threads. I'm being very careful with the piece I'm stitching now as I fear I may run out of threads. Fingers crossed I won't.

    Have a good, hopefully relaxing week! Take Care!

  7. I think Shores looks great on 36-count, but it only matters if you're satisfied.

    I have to go back to school two weeks from Wednesday, so I feel your pain. Our job right now is to have as much fun as possible!

  8. Your wips are so beautiful!

    If you really want the 40ct., I'd order it. Some fabrics we make work because we have them, but pieces that large, you may regret later because you compromised. Especially if you wanted to do the other 2 designs.

    Good luck:) I think we all have those struggles.