Monday, July 6, 2009

Some updates...

Long time, no post. Things have been really busy around here lately. My college roommate/best friend came to visit earlier this week. She lives in North Carolina. While we keep in touch on a continuous basis, we only see each other every few years. It was great to visit with her and her two children, who are just precious. I took them along with Jake to Mammoth Cave. The kids loved it.

We celebrated the 4th with pizza and a few sparklers with BIL and SIL and kids. It was cold and rainy here on the 4th. I have to say, I don't think I have ever celebrated such a cold 4th. Most everyone had on sweatshirts, and it was downright chilly. Not complaining...I am loving this mild July weather in this part of the world.

I finished a couple of patriotic pieces right before the 4th...

American Log by Primitive Traditions
Unknown fabric
Recommended WDW and GAST fibers
Started June 20, 2009
Finished July 3, 2009

I also stitched the 4th of July Quaker Heart freebie that has been floating around on the internet and several blogs... The freebie can be found here.

Started and finished July 3, 2009
Unknown blue fabric
DMC 311, 321, and B5200

I have picked up Mirabilia's Shimmering Mermaid again. I go through Mirabilia the designs, but have a hard time stitching one from start to finish (okay, I have a hard time stitching ANY design start to finish...who am I trying to kid?!).

I have also started ByGone Stitches Eloquent Christmas. I have had this chart for a long time, and had even started it about a year ago. However, I did not like my thread and fabric choices. When I was in that LNS in Nashville, the owner had it beautifully stitched and framed. It took me about 10 seconds to get the exact same fabric and silk threads. I am stitching it on PTP Crystal Legacy 28 ct. Cashel with Dark Forest Silk N' Colors. I am picturing this with a silver beaded star on the top and the beaded ornaments on all different colors...just like our tree. :) My sister-in-law has seen me working on this and has went crazy over it. She has hinted more than once that I should make her one. I think I will surprise her with one at Thanksgiving. She doesn't read my blog that I am aware of, so no surprises spoiled. This is a really fun stitch. It's one that I am loving every single stitch.

Lot of pictures in this post, but that is the kind of posts that I love to read...I hope you do too. :)
I will leave with one last photo of some flowers that my husband brought in for me. He is not one to buy flowers (He knows I would much rather have cross-stitch supplies if he wants to do something special. LOL!) However, he has a wonderful green thumb. He grows flowers for me. My favorite flower is the stargazer lilly, and we have these coming up everywhere right now. I also love gladiolas.

We are off to spend the night at my parents and then on to Berea tomorrow. It is an arts and crafts community here in Kentucky. I have never been, but I am looking very forward to it. I think I will take Merry Christmas and some crocheting to work on tonight at their house. I am also planning to put a few stitches into Jake's Tall Sundae. I will post pics of it when I have more progress to show.

Hope you are having a good week!!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Yes, we love the multi picture posts! (and they are beautifully photographed, by the way!) I like all the things you are stitching, but particularly Eloquent Christmas--I'll have to look for that (typical for me, look on the 23rd of December, start it, but never finish....) And hubby grows wonderful flower.

  2. I do love the pics! Congrats on 2 beautiful patriotic finishes!! Love them! and what a sweet dh to grow you such amazing flowers!!!
    Beautiful progress on your wips too!

  3. Of course we love lots of pics! Great stitching - I especially love the log cabin. How nice that your DH grow such lovely flowers!

  4. Congrats on your finishes!! You did a wonderful job on it.

    I really love the Mirabilia mermaid. Can't wait to see her grow!!

  5. Congrats on the beautiful finishes!! Woot! Love the WIPs, too. I am so impressed with the flowers that your husband grows. Wow. I am the same, I'd rather have stitching supplies than flowers from the florist, but flowers grown in the garden--by my husband--would be a special treat!

  6. Wow, these pictures are fantastic. I love the patriotic finishes! And your Mermaid is absolutely stunning. I really have a soft spot for those. And the flowers - beautiful!

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Patriotic Log Cabin :) PRETTY! And the Quaker Freebie...CUTE! Your Mermaid, is lovely! And those Gladiolas...just perfect!

  8. Good Morning Kellie
    Great finishes and beautiful starts! I love the fabric for the mermaid.
    I am not a fan of summer, so any 4th of July where you're wearing long sleeves is a winner in my opinion.
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. What a wonderful post, Kellie and yep, love those pics, so keep them coming!! We need that eye-ball candy!!

    Love your freebie finish and your Eloquent Christmas is going to be a winner, what a wonderful surprise planned! You have a generous heart!

    That Log Cabin piece is awesome!! You really stitched that one up in a hurry, congratulations!!

  10. Wow! I'm not sure I've ever visited your blog, and I've been missing something. I love seeing what you're working on, your stash and your baskets. Love those finishes.