Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This word pretty much sums up my whole day....
Some extended family issues cropped up earlier today. Nothing serious, just enough to be aggravating and to make my day off kilter.

And then, just when I got my attitude somewhat adjusted, I discover that I made a counting error between the H and the O on Bent Creek's Home, and it has thrown a good chunk of the sampler off kilter. I wish I had discovered it earlier, but it did not occur to me until I started the house and figured out that it was not perfectly centered between the trees.
Not sure what I am going to do... I don't know if I will work around it and adjust the border or if I will frog out about a fourth of the piece and stitch it again. I "think" I would have to frog the H, and the smaller letters (a, b, f, g), the star, the two trees on the left, and what there is of the house. I HATE this kind of thing. It makes me fall out of love with whatever I am stitching really quickly. If I frog and restitch, I am afraid I will have those little needle holes and clingy thread fibers. If I don't frog, my eyes will go to that mistake every time I look at the piece. I have decided to work on something else tonight, sleep on it, and see how I feel tomorrow. Not a wise idea to work on it tonight when I am tired and cranky.

I am going to take my cranky pants to the recliner, pick up a fun, easy project (I started My Lady's Quaker right before we left for vacation...this might fit the bill), turn on the TV, and duck for cover until tomorrow.

Hope your stitching is frog-free tonight...


  1. Oh I know exactly how you feel!!
    No one else might ever see the mistake, but my eyes know....and nothing worse than frogging!!!!
    (hugs) to you on that, if you do it!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!
    Take care

  2. I have a rule that if it isn't going to cause me a huge amount of extra work, I leave the mistake in. Your eyes are going to it now, but once you adjust the borders, you may like it better. That said, there are a few designs where I've pulled out a huge amount and then had to put the thing away for a while. I'm sorry for your unsettled day (and frankly, nothing can pull my chain like family issues).

    Oh, and I called Dixie Darlin, and they were just so nice. I told them you had blogged about how nice the shop was, and the woman on the phone seemed so surprised and happy--I think it made her day. So I ordered Swan Pond. Thank you so much for finding it and talking about it--it's such a meaningful sampler to me--and now I can put it in my giant stack of "getting to it soon" samplers.

    And also, the Bent Creek and the Shores block look just wonderful.

  3. I love a lot of Bent Creek Designs don't you? I know how you feel about being off and things just seem to go downhill for me then. I hate to take stitches out especially when using overdyes.They seem to break so much easier and we all know they are more expensive. I'd still rather use them though. I'm glad that BC finally came out with some new designs. Seems they were pretty stagnate for awhile.BTW.. I love that little frog!

  4. What if you just unstitched the house and moved it over a little? Would that work?

  5. Frogs are bad!!! Your progress is gorgeous though!!