Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Just wanted to wish my sweet Mama a very happy birthday! :) She reads my blog from time to time. I have the sweetest mother in the world. So kind and so loving. She has always been and continues to be the best mom ever (yes, I know I am biased). While I don't post a lot of personal pictures here on my blog, I thought I would honor her in another way. I have shown you things that my dad has made for me. Tonight is Mom's turn. She has learned to quilt (self taught) in the last year or so and makes some gorgeous quilts. I have been lucky to be a recipient of one of her quilts as well as a tabletop ort bag. However, I don't use it for orts. I use the pincushion for needles occasionally and the bag part to hold my scissors (in the cute inside pocket) and my ring of threads for whichever project I am working on at the moment. This has been quite a useful little addition as it keeps me and the husband from fighting over the limited table space between our two recliners. LOL!

(Actually I guess Dad gets a little credit on this post after all...he made the quilt rack that it is hanging on in the foyer. :) The wall looks pink but it is more of a rose-ish brown and I don't know why my husband's foot is in the bottom corner. LOL!)

No stitching pictures to show today. I am on a little hiatus from Midnight Watch as I am waiting for threads (maybe tomorrow, I hope). I have been stitching on some random projects--Shores, Quakers and Quilts, My Lady's Quaker, etc. but not really enough progress on any one thing to show.

Jake's 8th birthday is this weekend. He is looking so forward to his party and counting down the days.
Right now the dog is begging to go outside and Jake is wanting me to look up his reading log online and help him with his math homework, so I guess that is it for this post.
Have a happy Friday!


  1. What a beautiful quilt! Happy birthday to your mum!
    And your dad has made the most beautiful rack. I'm envious...
    Midnight watch is a beautiful project and I'm sorry that the fabric makes it a not fun project. This has also happened to me and these particular projects tend to become ufos more easily. I hope it won't happen because I love what you're doing with this project. Your thread choices are just great.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hope that your mom had a wonderful and blessed birthday!!! What a gorgeous quilt and that rack is fantastic as well!!

  3. Oh and I almost forgot, Happy 8th birthday to Jake!!! Hope he has the most awesome birthday ever!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mother, just so happens, it is my mother's birthday too!:)

    Lovely quilting!!

  5. Happy birthday to your mother, and to Jake!! What wonderful stuff your parents both made for you--lucky you! I hope you have a good weekend.

  6. What lovely things! You are blessed to have such creative parents!

  7. I'm really behind on reading, but I hope your mom and son had wonderful birthdays!!
    The quilt and ort bag your mom made are both beautiful! and so is that gorgeous quilt stand your dad made!!