Sunday, October 11, 2009

Midnight Watch progress...

I have made a good start on this particular piece, I think. I am hoping I can keep my stitching ADD under control long enough to finish this one by Halloween. I would love to get it framed and sitting on my foyer table before the end of October.

I ran out of GAST Gingersnap used in the border. The design calls for two skeins. I had one full skein and a part of one. It definitely takes almost two skeins. And it will probably take two skeins of WDW Charcoal although the design only calls for one. (edited to's Crescent Colors Blackbird in the border that I think I will need another skein...not Weeks Charcoal...I got mixed up...sorry). So I have quit stitching the border and will work on the vine and house while I wait for a thread order. So far, this has been a really fun stitch, and I am enjoying working on it. Usually borders do me in with boredom, but so far, so good.

A few people asked on my last post if the neighbor's cat's name is really Midnight or if I just referred to her as that because of the black cat in the design, but her name really is Midnight. :) The neighbors adopted three cats from a shelter all at the same time. Apparently the other two cats weren't very nice to Midnight, so she takes up residence at our house. She loves hubby's lawnmower and we find her sitting in the seat almost every time we walk outside. The neighbors behind us (Midnight's original owners), our next door neighbors/inlaws, and our family all love cats (and dogs). Between the three homes, we have eight cats. They all visit the three houses and eat from each other's food bowls. I have always loved cats. I would adopt every stray I saw if my husband would let me. Of course, I don't really want to be known in town as the crazy cat lady either, but I do think they are just the sweetest pets.

It is a sunny, chilly, peaceful Sunday here. The perfect day to stitch. And the last day of my fall break. {Sob...} It is back to the grindstone tomorrow.

Have a great day!


  1. Kellie, I think Midnight Watch is off to a great start! The colours are looking lovely already - very fall, very October-ish!

    I love the story about the kitties! Good luck with the grindstone tomorrow!

  2. Midnight Watch is going to be great, but I know what you mean by stitching ADD.

    You can definitely do C at HRH on a fat quarter. The special cut is only 2" wider (20x27), which gives 3" borders on the sides, but 2" borders are enough. I have read in several places also that a quarter will do it.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry you have to go back to work tomorrow. Days off are the best.

    Looks like you're making good progress on MW.

    Merlin says to tell Midnight hi.

  4. Beautiful start Kellie! I love this design! Thanks for the heads up on the number of threads needed!

  5. P.S. I agree with Glenna about the fat 1/4. That's what I'm planning on using for mine!! :)

  6. Nice progress. I so love this pattern. I seen it the other day when I was at a needlework shop.It's a nice pattern but I opted for another one for now.It's definately a pattern that I am going to pick up later. I'm slow, I am just now going to become a follower.Sorry it's taken me so long! :o)

  7. Great progress Kellie, so exciting to see it coming along nicely. I love cats to, I keep telling my son if I could have 10, I would have 13, but he just doesn't get it!

  8. Great wip, bet it will look great with your Halloween decorations.

    I have a huge weakness for the kitties too.

  9. Oh, I do wish we could own a cat here! It's nice to hear that you are part of such a cat-friendly neighborhood!

  10. Hi Kellie--Just discovered your blog! Lots of lovely pieces...And I love to read about Midnight (the kitty). Our all-black cat was named Shadow, but I remember trying to decide between the name Shadow or Midnight for him! He is a lucky kitty to have you take care of him...

  11. What a gorgeous start!!! You have made wonderful progress!!

    I think that it is wonderful that the cats visit each others homes. I am like you, I would adopt every single stray around if hubby would let me and I could afford it! LOL

  12. Kellie, you're making great progress on Midnight Watch. I love the idea of displaying it on the hall table--it'd be perfect for an autumnal display.

  13. Hi Kellie!
    I'm discovering your blog with delight!
    A cat lover too! And we also love the same designs...
    Amazing start on the border (not my cup of tea either but I couldn't imagine the design without it.).
    I really love your home piece too. I would not frog but arrange things the best I can and consider I have made this design very personal. Lol! No kidding, I don't miscount very often but if it happens and I see it after -say- two hours, I won't frog. The fabric woudn't love it...
    Take care!

  14. I hate nothing more than running out of threads. I need Gast Soot right now. Sigh. Guess I'll get it Thursday night when I'm close to the LNS.
    Being a crazy cat lady is not a bad thing and I would probably be the same if I didn't live in an apartment.