Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Thank you, my dear blogging friends. You guys are just the BEST people. I texted that little blog post a few minutes before we went in a restaurant to eat dinner. By the time we came back out, I had so many nice comments, replies and offers of help. My husband couldn't believe it. I explained to him that is just the way the stitching blogging community is... kind people.

Thanks to Tanya and Natalie, I was happily stitching Sarah Woodham last night. My progress is not picture worthy so I will save that for another day, but I was so glad to be able to start it. I have been "obsessing" over it for a few weeks now. LOL!

I also appreciate Margaret being willing to help, and the kind comments from Lainey, Jackie, Cari, and Carol. ALL of you are the sweetest. :)

I was feeling the gratitude today... just wanted you to know. :)

The silk threads for this are just beautiful. This sampler would not have caught my eye had I not seen it being stitched on blogs, completed and in process.

I am a little concerned, however, about stitching with the Belle Soie Sister Scarlet. I have had that thread to lightly bleed on my fabric when stitching with it before. I would hate to put all this time, money, and effort into this and that happen. I am not sure what to do, if anything, about it. Do any of you ever run your threads through cold water first? I am wondering how this affects the color and luster, or if that would even be a recommended practice for silk?

I am looking so forward to my stitching time with Sarah again tonight. But in order to make that happen, there are chores to be done. :)

Have a great evening!


  1. Hi Kellie, I didn't have any problems with the Sister Scarlet. The one that bled onto the fabric was the Rose of Sharon, the one that was used for the verse. Perhaps it was because it was over one? I don't know. But there's a definitely pinkish tone to the fabric in the verse area. Luckily, it looks sort of nice, otherwise I would not be pleased. The Sister Scarlet was just fine for me. Good luck! (I've never run fibers under cold water. Too scared to try! lol!)

  2. Oh I wish I could help, but I've not used those threads. I'd probably be leary of running the threads under water myself though. Please let us know if you do try something though - just for future reference!

  3. I'm interested in seeing the comments on the Belle Soie. I had often wondered the same thing.

    Like you, I often see blog posts on projects in process or finished that had previously not inspired me. I actually read a post once and within a few minutes had the chart, fabric and overdyed cotton on it's way to me!

  4. Personally, I would not recommend rinsing Belle Soie in cold water. I did this with a skein that had excess dye...it may have been Sister Scarlett. The dye just seemed to leech and leech from the skein and when it seemed "safe", the color seemed so faded and lacked luster. I ended up chucking the whole skein. I would stitch a bit on a bit of scrap linen and see how safe the dye is. If it bleeds, perhaps you can find a similar colored silk in another family (Gloriana, etc.).

  5. I use a lot of Belle Soie, and I've never had any bleeding with the reds, but I am a little concerned with the over one on the verse and all contact between my hands and the fabric. When I did the Quaker sampler in red (used Cranberry BS) at Christmas, I washed and exfoliated my hands really well in cool water to remove any moisture and oils before working with the red silk. I didn't have any bleeding, and my linen was very light. I don't know if sweat and oil on your hands has anything to do with the bleeding or not, but I plan on washing/exfoliating again with this piece.

    I'm interested in what everyone has to say about this too.

  6. I haven't had any problems with the Belle Soie thus far, Kellie. The one thing I am trying to make sure that I do is to stitch over and down, so that my hands aren't going back over areas where I stitched. Hopefully that will keep any possible chance for the thread color to run to a minimum--but that hasn't been an issue. Actually, I've been using Sister Scarlet on Jane Rees for awhile now... or, I should say, it's been a WIP for years, ahem... and no problem with the thread there, either.

    Good luck--can't wait to see progress pics!